Samsung Shares Illustrations Showing New Foldable Phones 2021 for the Prospect

Samsung has released some pictures, which give us information about the future of foldable phones. The South Korean company has been developing foldable displays under the Samsung Display Division for some years. In February last year, Samsung also started its journey as a foldable smartphone manufacturer and unveiled the Galaxy Fold as the first commercially available smartphone that could be transformed into a 7.3-inch tablet thanks to its flexible performance. . However, Samsung may have something different to display in 2021, after bringing the initial range of foldable phones to market.

Viewed by SamMobile, Samsung Display has shared pictures featuring new foldable smartphone concepts on its Korean blog. One of the publicly shared views displays a triangular fold on a phone that when folded becomes identical to the original Galaxy fold. It gives a smartphone interface on one side and a tablet-like experience on the other side.

TCL showed a concept phone with a three-fold display in March this year. A few patents have also appeared in the recent past that reflect ongoing developments in the direction of the new foldable form-factor.

Aside from seeing the triangular display, Samsung has shared another illustration on its Korean blog that showcases an instrument with a rollable display. It comes from a cylindrical rod and delivers an enhanced productivity understanding. 

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