Apple might be Upgrade M1 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro at Mid 2020!!!

Apple has just released its first M1-powered MacBook, and in late 2020 the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro certainly turned a lot of heads. The review first praised the speed of the Apple Silicon processor, which started the transition of the Mac away from Intel chips. The M1 Air and M1 Pro are almost identical devices, giving the same high-end performance. The Pro has a slight performance advantage over the Air, thanks to its active cooling. That extra fan allows the Pro to run at peak performance for a long time. Battery life is another major advantage, with the M1 Pro lasting a few hours longer than air once charged.

Apple might be Upgrade M1 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro at Mid 2020!!!
If you haven’t jumped on the M1 bandwagon yet, there might be a good reason to wait a while. Apple reportedly plans to launch the upgraded M1 MacBook in the first half of 2021, and they will provide users with at least one exciting new feature.

Apple has been working on mini-LED technology for a few years, and it does not expect to use the new screen technology in all of its devices in the future. Mini-LED screens will offer some advantages over current LCD LED screens, including the ability to turn each mini-LED on and off. This will promote a better contrast ratio, better blacks, and better brightness.

Apple might be Upgrade M1 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro at Mid 2020!!!
Digitimes reports indicate that the first Mini LED iPad Pro will launch in the first quarter of 2021. Mass production of the first Mini LED MacBook Pro will begin in the second quarter. Taiwan-based suppliers are already working on mini-LED parts that can be used in these products. Quanta Computer and Foxconn Mini will produce the M1 MacBook Pro with an LED screen.

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The report does not provide additional details about the iPad Pro or MacBook Pro, which have mini-LED screens. But the famous Ming-Chi Kuo said a few days ago that Apple plans to release more MacBooks with Apple Silicon in the second half of 2021. He said the devices would have a redesign, without specifying what would change. Earlier, the analyst said that Apple will launch 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks with Apple Silicon in 2021.

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