Station 19 Season 4 Episode 3: Sullivan’s Career Hangs in Balance as Former Chief Dixon Returns

ABC renewed the popular action-drama, Station 19 for the fourth season in March 2020. Station 19 is the second spin-off series of acclaimed medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. While Grey’s Anatomy revolved around the lives of men and women in fictional Grey Sloan Hospital, Station 19 revolves around the people at Seattle Fire Station 19. Krista Vernoff is serving as the show’s showrunner after replacing Stacy McKee from the third season.

Station 19’s previous episode, Episode 2, aired on November 19, 2020. The next episode will air on December 3, 2020, instead of November 26, 2020. ABC’s hit action-drama is reportedly takin one-week break due to Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Station 19, airs on the network every Thursday at 8 pm ET. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will take the time slot during the break.

In the latest episode, titled Wild World, the rescued Lorelai, a tiger is roaming on the streets of suburban Seattle. Ben and Travis tried to treat the woman, Yvonne, who rescued the tiger from the roadside zoo, In return, the tiger mauled her and left her critically injured. They couldn’t take her to Gray Sloan and she died before them. Ben then ran into Carina who was frustrated with the death of her third mother and she was all alone.

Elsewhere, Andy enjoyed a short picnic with his uncle, aunt, and cousin. Robert Sullivan is trying hard to be sober and is searching for a sponsor. Amelia advises him to put more into meetings and he later gets a call from Richard. Looks like, Sullivan is finally getting a sponsor. Carina DeLuca and Maya Bishop have been practising social distancing rules and are apart from each other. However, at the end of the episode, Carina came to Maya and asked her to move in together. Maya also claims that she has a similar proposition.

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The next episode is titled, We Are Family.

Sullivan’s fate will be revealed whether he would keep his job or nor in upcoming episodes. But in the next one, the former Fire Chief Dixon, Dr Richard Webber, Ben Warren, and Emmett Dixon will testify during Sullavan’s disciplinary hearing. Also, the crew has to investigate a fire, which is at a neglected building. Moreover, the building also serves as performance space for the most notable drag queens in all of Seattle.

We Are Family returns on December 3, 2020, 8 pm ET on ABC. Paris Barclay will direct the third episode and you can watch it on-demand on Hulu, the next day, December 4.

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