Anne Hathaway is suiting up for her role as a powerful and evil witch in the upcoming dark fantasy comedy film, The Witches. Recently, the actor took to her Instagram handle and shared a video from the sets of her upcoming film. Hathaway posted a time-lapse video of her getting into the witch prosthetics. In the video, Anne can be seen sitting patiently as her team covers her head with multiple layers of silicone-goop.

Firstly, Anne’s hair was tied by a string that was attached to the room’s ceiling. The multiple layers were further turned into the prosthetics for her wicked role in the movie. The video was a time-lapse. This means that the actual process might have taken hours. In the entire video, Anne Hathaway is seen sitting still as her face gets covered. But underneath those prosthetics, one can spot Hathaway smiling. Take a look at her Instagram video below.


Fans seem surprised seeing the actor’s patience level throughout the session. One of the Instagram users commented, ‘ffff, much respect Anne! I would faint and have panic attacks. Even though that’s not possible at the same time.’ While another added, ‘But everyone is still all “I can’t wear a mask in Target for 20 minutes…I can’t breathe…” while Anne just sits there like a human statue while they dump a series of goops and never stops smiling’. Furthermore, some of the fans said that they felt claustrophobic just seeing Anne Hathaway. One of her fans praised Anne saying ‘This is why you’re an award-winning actress. Thanks for sharing behind the scenes content with us fans’.

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