Taliban Ambushes and Massacres 25 Afghan Personnel

At the very minimum at least 25 personnel of the Afghan security force were killed. This happened in an ambush. The tragic incident took place in Kunduz, Afghanistan. At least 25 of the Afghan security force personnel were killed. This was done in an ambush. As of now the responsibility of the attack is being blamed on the Taliban forces. These are posted in the northeast regions of the country. Their area of operation is very close to Pakistan and many suggest that Pakistan has been aiding such terrorist organizations for many years now. “Fighting is still continuing and the Taliban have also suffered heavy casualties,” Jawad Hijri, who is a spokesman for the governor of Takhar province told AFP.

The tragic incident of the loss of life of 25 men was confirmed by Takhar provincial health director, Abdul Qayoum. He confirmed the incident but said 34 security personnel had been killed. This was including the deputy police chief of the given province. “These security forces were on their way for an operation in the district when they were attacked by the Taliban,” said Henri. Here then added “The Taliban had taken positions in the houses around the area. They ambushed our forces who were there for an operation against the enemy.”

The Taliban have as of now not commented on the attack nor have they taken the responsibility for the same. However, most people believe that the Taliban played a major role in this attack and that it was not possible for anyone else to have orchestrated such a big attack. This has led to many personnel of the Afghan forces being martyred.

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The incident comes as spiraling violence encompasses all across Afghanistan. While the imperils of ongoing peace talks between the terrorist organizational group and the government in Qatar.

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