Lagos Locked Down As Army Fires on Citizens


Lagos, in Nigeria, was under a big round-the-clock curfew enforced by police on Wednesday. This is the day after when witnesses reported and said soldiers opening fire on civilians. This took place in one of Nigeria’s biggest cities. In one of the incidents, a human rights group suggested that this may have caused innumerable deaths.

The infamous Lagos state governor stated that 30 people were hurt. This happnened as a result to the shooting. Which took place during a demonstration. This demonstration was at a toll gate in the Lekki district. This has remained a focal point of nearly two weeks of nationwide protests. These protests have been against allegations of systematic and repeated incidents of police brutality. On Wednesday, however, fires were burning across Lagos and its residents of the districts of Ebute Mette, Lagos Island and Okota reported hearing constant gunfire.

Police, which included some armed, some wearing body armour and most mainly in plain clothes had set up various roadblocks in Lagos. This was said by two witnesses. The same witnesses said they saw some youths trying to get through some checkpoints, and reported protesters gathering in some areas. A live feed from a popular local broadcaster showed armed police speaking to groups of angry locals.

In South Africa, hundreds of the same Nigerians carried many placards demanding “a new and better Nigeria”. As they marched to the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria.

Nigerian authorities have imposed a tight curfew on Lagos. This was done by them on Tuesday. This was after the governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said the protests had turned violent. This was including the torching of police stations in one of the city’s Orile Iganmu and Ilasamaja districts.

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