Clinical Trials Of Oxfords Vaccine to Resume Despite the Demise of Volunteer

Clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine to continue. This comes despite the sad death of a volunteer who had signed up for the dose. The vaccine is being developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca PLC. It will continue in Brazil despite the demise a volunteer. Brazilian health regulator Anvisa stated on Wednesday.

Oxford University has said that it has carried out a careful assessment of the case. The case of the volunteer passing away in Brazil. It found that there were no concerns about the safety of the vaccine. An independent assessment of the same case has not presented any significant concerns.

Anvisa stated earlier on Wednesday that it had been brought to notice of the death on Monday. It said that it was investigating. It didn’t give any concrete information about the identity of the volunteer who had died. They didn’t know whether the person had taken a placebo dose or a real dose of the vaccine. Brazilian press has reported that the volunteer was a 28-year-old man from Rio de Janeiro who has now died of complications from Covid-19.

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