Xiaomi Debuts A Whopping 80W Wireless Fast Charging System

Xiaomi has just disclosed its 80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology that guarantees a full charge in 19 minutes for a 4000mAh battery. Here’s additional about this technology.

Ahead this year, Xiaomi declared openly the Mi 10 5G in India with assistance for 30W wireless soon charging baked-in. Existing one of the rapidly wireless charging strategies, the Mi 10 could fill up its battery wireless in almost over an hour. The extent that is already rapidly, Xiaomi needed it to be sooner. Therefore, at a global circumstance today, Xiaomi gives birth to declared openly its 80W Mi Wireless Charging technology.

There’s no suspicion that the charging speeds are taking off to be sooner, provided the 80W output. Xiaomi is recently to understand how it gives birth to accomplished this but it has disclosed a demo to substantiate the exact. On a modified Mi 10 Pro, the 80W operation is filling a 4000mAh battery in 19 minutes. Xiaomi announces there are no circumstances pertained to this assertion – you can completely protect charging it as you would commonly.


In a comprehensive blog, Xiaomi announces the 80W Mi Wireless Charging system can fill up the battery to 10 per cent in 1 minute. In 8 minutes, it can fill up 50 per cent juice. A full charge takes 19 minutes, which is on an equality with the fastest wired charging systems accessible on mass-market flagship phones.

Xiaomi is previously to declare openly the phone that will debut this technology. Based on documents and assumptions, we assume the Mi 11, or Mi 20 (whatever Xiaomi ends up calling it) will promote the 80W system. This year’s Mi 10 was the main and the bare phone from Xiaomi to caption its 30W wireless accusing technology. 

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