2020 Agenda of the UN Under the UNSDG to Help Students Across the World.

The potential opportunities and the challenges on various interventions as listed under the United Nations Sustainable development goals.


Under consultancy, working on issues such as Sustainable development goals as given by the United Nations is the need of the hour. The future of the world can be seen under the high influence of ‘Green politics’. Financial literacy is another aspect that is vital to be included more in school education around the world.

Financial literacy will automatically provide a platform for micro and small businesses to flourish. Water which is the most essential element of life needs preservation. The sustainable use of water can only be done by creating awareness. And consultation on such vital topics has the potential to turn the society around. And it can not be denied that the need for consultation is maximum during the COVID-19 crisis.
Projects like tribal development are difficult to cope with. Taking into consideration the overall lifestyle and communication gap between the communities. The conditions of farmers in India are already degrading, and there is a dire need for the second Green revolution.

Certificate courses:

On the drafting of the project, proposals can turn out to be an essential opportunity for talented minds. Enhancement of the skills of the young generation is very important. It will be beneficial for the trust to discover and include the best workforce for their projects. And a more skilled population becomes an asset for their country.
On the other hand, it becomes a responsibility of the trust to pass relevant information to their students. And the appointment of the finest teachers will produce the finest human resource.

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Academic counseling:

Academic counseling is a part which is not given sufficient attention by the students or their guardians. This needs to become a part of a student’s educational journey. This service needs to be more widely spread and in the reach of every student.

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