Boris Jhonson Suggests Preparing for a no-deal Brexit

Boris Jhonson Suggests Preparing for a no-deal Brexit



 British PM Boris stated on Friday, the U.K. must prepare for a no-deal break with the EU.  Unless there is a massive “fundamental” change of position from the bloc. Johnson said the E.U. has been refusing to give G. Britain a trade deal like one it has provided Canada with. The U.K. is seeking a deal like the one Canada has.

Refusing to bow before the UK EU Commissioner chief Ursula von der Leyen stated less than an hour after Boris made his ultimatum. He clearly mentioned that the E.U. still wants a Brexit trade deal. However, it will not be done at any price. The Great Britain has threatened to walk away. They might leave the talks. If a deal is not struck by the European Union summit. Which is to end later on Friday. Boris Johnson didn’t go too far. However, he said the EU has “abandoned” an idea of a deal. He added that Britain would listen and comply only if there was “a fundamental change of approach.”


Britain had officially left the E.U. on Jan. 31. However, it remains part of its economic structures until the 31st of December 2020. After which it needs a new trade agreement or will face tariffs and other economic barriers with the E.U. which is also its biggest trading partner. However, a trade agreement remains very elusive and E.U. leaders have stated in a joint statement that it was now up to the U.K.

Meanwhile, Britain’s foreign minister Dominic Raab stated on Friday Britain was disappointed by the bloc’s tone. Adding that there were only very narrow differences remaining between the parties.

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