WhatsApp Is Going To Make Reporting Bugs A 1000 Times Easier! And They’re Adding New Features! Now You Don’t Need To Email Them

Everyone is changing during the quarantine, and so are social media apps. Whatsapp is now in the process to make reporting its bugs a lot easier. So far, there is no confirmed news, but they seem to be adding in-app support. This in-app support like mentioned earlier will be helping in reporting bugs directly from the messaging app. This update is under progress. We know this because some hints in the beta version of the app have been dropped. The bug reporting menu seems to be a part of the Whatsapp settings menu. There is also said to be a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ page in the settings menu. However, this has not gone public yet. Beta testers have also not been provided the access to this just yet.

There is also a Whatsapp feature tracking site! Its called WABetaInfo. According to them, WhatsApp beta for Android carries the references for in-app support. This will be available through the new contact us page. This page would require users to type their complaints in a text field. As for the additional information, a checkbox will also be included. The checkbox will provide an option for the users to give their device information.  It will let users include system details and logs to help the WhatsApp team understand the issue. However, text messages, media files, and status updates are not likely to be a part of the logs provided through in-app support.

How Is It Expected To Look?

WhatsApp’s new contact us page which we can expect to see in future updates

Whatsapp would allow its support executives to communicate with the complaint directly. This will be done through a Whatsapp support chat. This is to check if they are able to resolve the supported issue on the spot and close it. WABetaInfo also notes that the chat would be closed. This would happen once the conversation between the complainant and the support executive is over.

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However, WHatsapp already has an support email address. The email address is support@whatsapp.com and this email is used or reporting and receiving complaints for users. This new addition will therefore make it easier for people to use highlight their problem.

What Else Can Be Expected?

The app support on whatsapp is still under development. However, that is not the only thing we will be getting from the future updates. The new features that might come up are:

  • Expiring Media: Yes, much link snapchat and Instagram, people can will be able to send expiring media on Whatsapp as well.
  • Multiple Device Support- We’re not sure what that means just yet, but when we do, there will be an entirely new article on the same.
  • Always Mute: Have that annoying group chat that you never open and you mute it? Well Whatsapp has now understood it, and instead of muting for a year, you can mute it forever.

So these are the features Whatsapp is currently working on as well speak. Anything that you were interested in? Or maybe anything you have been waiting for since you go your first phone or ever since whatspp became the next big thing? Will it be fulfilled in the upcoming future updates? Let us know!

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