New Shepard opening gates for travelling in space.

There are many Aerospace companies that are trying to send people to space as a trip, but not many are getting successful. Although one of these companies: Blue Origin, owned by Jeff Bezos just a few steps closer sending tourists into space.

Blue Origin is an American aerospace company founded by Jeff Bezos on 8 September 2000. Its current CEO is Bob Smith. This company aims to make access to space cheaper and more reliable for tourists. Its headquarters are in Kent, Washington, USA and almost 2500 employees work in this headquarters. The logo of the Blue origin is a blue feather. This company has launched 3 vehicles for traveling in space till now, they are – Charon in 2005, Goddard in 2006, and New Shepard in 2007. Other than these, there is work going on 3 other projects. They are – New Glenn announced in 2015, New Armstrong announced in 2016, and Blue moon announced in 2019.

Towards the Dream:

The most recent vehicle launched is the New Shepherd which has till now made 7 test flights, out of which it has got success in 6 flights. News Shepard crew capsule which can only carry up to 6 people. It’s one of the most recent flights on 13th October 2020 was a great success for Blue origin which made it one step closer to sending tourists into space. It was able to reach 106 kilometres above sea level before using parachutes To land back. It was the highest distance covered by New Shepard till now.

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This new achievement achieved by the New Shepard was not only a great success for blue origin. But also for the technology world as it approves that sending tourists into space can be possible. Through which at the time of crisis on the earth people can be sent in space their safety.

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