Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran Says India Can Be The Next AI Capital, Policy Framework For Technology, And Can Accelerate Development Of The World!

According to the son of Tata, N Chandrasekaran India has the potential to become the next AI (artificial intelligence) capital of the world. This is solely because of the talent pool and the complex problems, the country has. A policy of framework for the technology is all that is needed to accelerate the development. This was said by Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrashekar on Friday. He said that AI can shape the future and the development of the country. In support to his statement, he said;

“India clearly has the potential to become the AI capital of the world. The reason I say this is not just because I am here in India and I love India and so on. We are in a sweet spot where we have talent and a kind of complexity that only AI can solve,” Chandrasekaran said while speaking at RAISE Summit.

He also said that in case India is able to solve the current world problems using the AI, then the solutions which are developed can spread to all the nations. Developing as well as developed nations.

“For the coming decade to be India’s decade, to my mind there are two challenges. On the one hand, solving the access challenge to make every service like healthcare, education available to every citizen irrespective of the place where they live.” Chandrasekaran said.

Chandrasekaran’s Vision

The other challenge according to Chandrasekaran is providing meaningful futuristic jobs for the population of India. He also said that currently the digital global economy is quickly heading towards a splinting future. This is bound to limit the scalability and potential of entire platform economics because of issues related to data governance.

“Solving for data governance, specifically what should be the global standard for data residency — localisation, privacy and security — are very important steps for our long term success. I think developing a policy framework will accelerate development of AI and AI based solutions in a significant way,” Chandrasekaran said.

Chandrasekaran is also someone who believes that the AI and the AI technology should not be used for the upper class or the rich people. Instead it should be used for the common man. To explain this more clearly Chandrasekaran said;

“This means our vision should not be centred around software professionals and data scientists and other white collar workers. But our vision should include farmers, truck drivers, shopkeepers, teachers and everyone else,” Chandrasekaran said.

The Indian government is currently looking forward to use AI. The AI will be used for various applications. These applications will include;

  • resolving language barriers that people of the country face while communicating
  • enhancing agriculture productivity among others.
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The National Strategy For Artificial Intelligence (NSAI)

They’ve highlighted the potential of AI in India multiple times. Theyve predicted the annual growth rate by 1.3 points by 2035. They have identified priority sectors for deployment of AI with government’s support.

India is the worlds largest democracy. It is also a place where data is getting created in such high volumes. This results in many problems, all of which can be solved through AI.

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