Microsoft Edge to get price comparison feature and a screenshot tool

The latest Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge has got a whole new range of features as a part of its recent update. So what are those? Let us take a look.

The all new Microsoft Edge includes an inbuilt price comparison tool and a screenshot tool. It also has a free video calling feature and an updated Edge theme. This latest development of the browser was shared in a blog post in the official website on October 8th.

Taking problems like phishing attacks and malware threats into consideration, there will also be an improvement regarding the security issues.

Now you can compare prices of products with ease

Coming to the price comparison tool, users can now compare prices of products effortlessly. Just click on the button that says, “compare price to other retailers”. That is it. You shall be presented with a list of prices of that product/item across different websites. It also provides direct links to those websites for you to impeccably compare your rates.

Bing, the search engine created by Microsoft, shall also display the cashback offers from different merchants on the search page. This innovation is a part of the Bing Rebates feature.

Both these latest updates shall be put into effect in the US ahead of the holiday season. However, the availability of the price comparison feature and the Bing Rebates feature in the international market is still ambiguous.

Take a screenshot effortlessly

Additionally, you can also take complete advantage of the screenshot tool which will be inculcated into the browser. You can access it by simply clicking on the three dots at the top-right corner of the page. Utilizing the “Web Capture” option, you can basically take a screenshot of the complete webpage. Moreover, you can share the screenshot to others by simply clicking the share button. The screenshot update shall be available from today on the Insider channels.

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Meet Now: A free video calling service

Oh, we are not done yet. Microsoft Edge offers you another amazing feature, which is free video calling. This all new video calling services is coined as Meet Now. And they can go on for up to 24 hours. According to the company, you can effortlessly create a link instantly, and share it 50 members without any hassle like signing up or downloading additional tools.

The blog post revealed, “This experience will start to roll out to Edge this month, and will be available in Outlook on the Web and on the Windows 10 taskbar in the coming weeks, making it easier than ever to connect with your loved ones this holiday season”.

Moreover, Microsoft is rolling out a new Wonder Woman 1984 theme and it will be available soon. Many other features like integration with Pinterest to Collections and upgraded PDF support are also declared.

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