India is Set To Become the Primary Manufacturing Land for Apple Soon.

On the date of 20 August 2020, an announcement was made by the Apple company that the iPhone 12 will be made in India. It is also stated that the iPhone 12 will be launched in the mid of 2021. The first model is ready but its launch will be late. It is profitable news for both India and Apple company. Firstly it helps India to widely spread its name in the world of Technology for creating the iPhone 12. Secondly manufacturing its iPhone in India saves Apple 22% import duty. The production is expected to begin at the Narasapura plant in Bengaluru. This new plant is home to apples Taiwanese contract manufacturers, Wistron. The iPhone 12 is said to be the seventh iPhone model to be made in India after iPhone SE, iPhone 6s iPhone 7, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 is being assembled at the Foxconn plant in Chennai. There can be many reasons behind it. One of them is the iPhone 11, which was being manufactured in China. And it failed to manufacture because of the outbreak of Coronavirus. Apple would be targeting a nearby country to board the manufacturing. This will also help in the growth of India’s economy as it is going way low because of the coronavirus outbreak. Wistron plans to invest over 2900 crores in India for the manufacturing of the iPhone 12.

This money can also be put in employment which will help the country grow even larger in the world of Technology. The world depth of the coronavirus outbreak in the economy can be recovered easily by this money. And it can also help in the growth of the economy that India has never seen. So in one way, this is profitable to India even more than Apple.

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