Want a new Chromecast? Get one month of YouTube TV and Google will give it to you for free

Google announced the latest Chromecast recently. And it has upgraded it with 4K along with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support. Plus, it comes with a remote control and a menu system.

And Google is also offering a very good deal to you. According to the latest announcement, if you purchase on month service of YouTube TV, you can get the Google Chromecast for free.

However, there are a few constraints here.

The Terms & Conditions

Sadly, the current YouTube TV payers are not eligible candidates for the deal. You can only avail the deal if you are a first-time subscriber to YouTube TV. Also, you have to pay for the YouTube TV subscription between October 15th and December 31st. Only this way, you can be eligible for the remarkable offer. Presently, it is only applicable to the people residing in the USA.

Nevertheless, one month of YouTube TV subscription costs about $64.99. But the Chromecast’s price is around $49.99. In you compare the both of them, the YouTube TV costs more than just buying the Chromecast alone. Still, if you are looking to buy them both, this offer is the best one you can ever get. Because if you think about it, paying $65 for both is way better than paying $110. You can save much more with this extraordinary deal.

How can you redeem the offer?

After you complete the two weeks free trial of YouTube TV, first of all you must pay for the subscription of the first month. Next, you will receive an email from Google. You shall be taken to the Google Store. Here you can redeem your offer code only for the Snow Chromecast with Google TV. Also, you might require a credit card to complete the redemption process. Unfortunately, you cannot receive the Sunrise or Sky colors of the Chromecast with this offer. One more point to be noted. You must redeem your offer by 11.59 PM PST on February 28th,2021, to get the Chromecast.

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According to the terms, you are not considered as subscribed unless you make a payment for the first month between October 15th and December 31st.

There is another reason to take a shot at this deal. It is the Chromecast’s Live tab. Apparently the latter works only on YouTube TV. The Live TV service works in this way. The former is inculcated into the YouTube TV menu system. Here you can view the top shows available along with a grid-based program guide.


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