Strobophagia: The Rave Horror Game: All Set To Release!

Strobophagia: the new rave horror game all set to release this Halloween. The game will be released on steam on 28th October. The game will feature a wide range of original EDM tunes, including trance, house, techno, and more, the title uniquely blends blood-curdling terror with an authentic rave experience.


It is a survival horror game with a unique psychedelic atmosphere. The game uses a unique smartphone-mechanic, which allows players to follow the wi-fi signals of various pirate boxes, scattered around the forest rave, in order to find their way around the festival grounds. This also allows the player to communicate with the other attendees connected to the individual networks.

In the game, as a raver, we find ourselves at the headless rave festival. To make it out alive of the drunk party, we have to solve puzzles using the in-game smartphone that helps us locate points of interest, as well as consult the numerous attendees for help. The rave party is basically a carnival of drunkenness, fluorescent body paint and electronic tunes set in the middle of a dense forest.


  • Exploration-based survival horror through a psychedelic rave lens
  • Macabre puzzles following twisted logic
  • An oppressive yet danceable dark-electro soundtrack
  • In-game smartphone mechanic that helps you locate points of interest and consult the numerous attendees for help


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