Lebanese Prime Minister Resigns Amid A Political Impasse Over Government Formation

The Prime Minister of the Middle Eastern country Lebanon has resigned this past Saturday. He resigned amid a political impasse over government formation. Dealing a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to break a dangerous stalemate in the crisis-hit country.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France

This announcement was made by Moustapha Adib bearly a month after he was appointed to the job. Furthermore, it delays the prospect of getting the foreign economic assistance needed to rescue the country from collapse. Adib told reporters that he was stepping down after it became clear that the kind of Cabinet he wished to form was “bound to fail.

The French leader has been pressing charges against the Lebanese politicians to form a cabinet. The cabinet will be made up of non-partisan specialists that can work on enacting urgent reforms. The urgent reforms will consist of extracting Lebanon from a devastating economic and financial crisis worsened by the August 4 explosion at Beirut port.

“It is indispensable to have a government capable of receiving international aid. France will not abandon Lebanon,” said an official, who was not authorized to be named publically. Emmanuel Macron’s office said he will hold a press conference Sunday to talk about the situation in Lebanon.

French Efforts

The ex-Prime Minister’s resignation came not long after the French President Aoun reportedly said to the reporters that Lebanon would be going to “hell” if a new government was not formed soon. It also doubles as a blow to the French President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to break the political stalemate as Lebanon faces its worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war. Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr, from Beirut, said Lebanon’s “different political parties [had] promised Macron the government would be in place by mid-September”.

She also added a   few more things to her above statement. The first one being “The Shia parties, Hezbollah and Amal, were intransigent, and insisted that they wanted the finance minister portfolio. They said that it belonged to their sect,” she said. She also mentioned the ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon. She said that Adib was trying to create a government of experts. To handle the dire economic and financial crisis in the country. But during the journey of trying to build the government of experts, he met with a major problem. The major stumbling block (problem) was in Lebanon’s sectarian-based system of government.

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People’s Reaction To The Resignation

Saad al-Hariri, A leading Sunni Muslim Politician

He had a slightly different point of view on the resignation He said “anyone celebrating the failure of the French initiative to get Lebanon’s fractious leaders to form a new government will regret wasting the opportunity.” However, the leading politician did not stop here. He went on to add “We say to those who applaud the collapse of French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative today, that you will bite your fingers in regret.” The leading politician, Saad al-Hariri said in a statement.

Parliament speaker Nabih Berri, who is the leader of the Shia Amal Movement, also had a few words to say. he said that his group would stick to the French initiative despite the prime minister designate’s decision to step down. “Our position is to stick to the French initiative and its content,” Berri said in a statement.

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