Here’s Why Musk Is Still Confused About The Presidential Elections Voting!

Recently, Elon Musk was asked “Do you like [Trump]? Are you voting for him?” and he replied saying “Um …. I, I mean, I’m … to be totally frank, I’m not … I mean, I think … Let’s just see how the debates go. You know?”

Musk further clarified that he is waiting to see how the presidential debates turn out before giving any solid answer as to who he is voting for. He also thinks that nominee Joe Biden would probably win if the debate goes in his favor. On Monday’s episode of “Sway,” a podcast hosted by The New York Times, Musk was asked about his dealings with Trump about fuel, environment and electric cars.


Musk expresses his concerns about the electric car industry and also says that “ I have spoken to the president about sustainable energy many times and actually there are times when he’s been supportive, but then, at the end of the day, he has got way more support from the oil and gas industry because it’s way bigger. The electric car industry is small,”.

Musk and Trump have been aligned on several issues in the past. They both have their own ups and downs. Trump attended the Spacex launch and has sided with him many times, but they have also shown opposite interests publicly. All of this left musk very unsure about the elections.

Musk has had to fight both the oil and gas industry as well as the broader car industry to bring electric cars in play. He says,” when it comes to Tesla and electric cars, Trump has been as supportive as he could be in the situation but Musk was less clear on who he plans to vote for this time. Somewhere between all this, Musk mentioned that he is also waiting for Joe Biden to see if he’s got it all together.

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