Ring is going to launch a flying drone security camera in 2021

Amazon just unveiled its ring drone camera. It’s called the Always Home Cam. The product won’t be available until next year, but they did release an ad. And it does look interesting.

You can fly the drone at will

In the video, we see that the Ring security system alarmed the owner as soon as the burglar broke in. The owner then dispatched the drone to look over the house. Well, the video was a promotional one, so there weren’t any visible caveats. But, it did look futuristic and nice.

Some things like how noisy the drone would be, or how safe it would move, etc. are not really clear from the video. But it’s fair to guess that the drone is going to be loud. And it’s actually better, you will be able to know if Bezos is spying on you.

And speaking about spying, some questions need to be answered by Ring. Questions like, whether hackers will be able to hack into the drone and move it at will. Or, if there is a court order, will Amazon fly it at our house. Or simple questions like battery life, charge time, etc.

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