Call of Duty Warzone might be coming to mobile according to a job listing

A new job listing has been spotted on Activision’s website. The job is for a features executive producer. And it describes the game as a “AAA mobile FPS in Call of Duty franchise”. In one place they also mentioned to the game as WZM, which of course refers to Warzone Mobile.

One of the biggest hints in the listing is when Activision clearly stated that they need someone to adapt the game into the best mobile installation. There have also been several more usage of Warzone in the listing.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone has been one of CoD’s biggest success. Since March it has been among the most played games this year. And Activision wants to replicate the same success on mobiles too. Recently, the battle royale genre of games has been getting a lot of love from mobile gamers and Activision would definitely want to receive some too.

However, the confusing part is that there is already one CoD game available for mobiles. The game is called Call of Duty: Mobile. Maybe Activision is trying to build another new game and have two battle royale games. Or maybe this might be a complete revamp of the existing mobile game. However, on reading the listing, the elater seems unlikely. And also the Warzone name has gotten quite famous due to the recent game. So, maybe having a new Warzone mobile game will help them to gain more success.

Although do remember that the listing doesn’t necessarily mean that a new CoD game is coming. Activision might drop the project anytime. And even if they don’t there is still a lot of time before this game will be available to play.

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