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Among us has encountered dangerous, practically inconceivable development during isolation. Two years after its delivery, Among Us has gone from being an under-the-radar neighbourhood party game to a goliath among online multiplayer, standing side by side with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as far as prevalence.


In view of this present, it’s a fairly bizarre time for Among Us engineer InnerSloth to report a subsequent game. InnerSloth made its arrangements thought pretty much a month prior, around the pinnacle of when Among Us was beginning to turn out to be fiercely well known. Here’s the significance: Among Us 2 is still in its germ stage. The game basically just notes on a whiteboard, however, what InnerSloth has decided to share is unbelievably fascinating.

Among Us 2 Higher Player Count

Most importantly: Among Us will be saved as it is currently. With respect to Among Us 2, the central dynamic of Imposters versus Crewmates will be persisted. InnerSloth is additionally investigating adding more parts to shake things up and improve the game’s replayability. There are no signs yet about what those jobs may be, and thinking about that InnerSloth is a three-man group, it’ll probably be some time before we get subtleties.

Among Us, 2 will likewise take into account in excess of ten players for every match. InnerSloth has recognized that it’s amazingly hard to have a fair game with three Imposters and a limit of ten players, so it’s going for another top of 12-15 player games in the continuation. Furthermore, InnerSloth is hoping to actualize player records and companions records in Among Us 2, to be made accessible promptly upon dispatch.

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Among Us 2 Price

Yet, these progressions are a long way from immaterial, and with that in mind, InnerSloth will charge more for the subsequent game. No assessed value run right now, however InnerSloth is investigating approaches to alleviate the value bounce. The designer is thinking about four choices: a markdown coupon for returning Among Us players on Steam, keeping portable Among Us 2 free with (probably) pay-to-eliminate promotions, in-game microtransactions for makeup, and making enormous substance refreshes like new guides or game modes be free. Be that as it may, InnerSloth can’t ensure any of these thoughts will endure.

Among Us 2 Release Date

Among Us took a half year to hit early access and an additional a half year to formally go live. Among Us, 2 will take in any event as long to enter open beta, and InnerSloth anticipates that the game should remain in open beta for longer than the primary game. At the point when it dispatches, Among Us 2 will hit PCs first, at that point versatile.

In any case, regardless of how long it may take to get official affirmation from InnerSloth about what else to anticipate from Among Us 2, players can have confidence that paying little mind to what happens to push ahead, Among Us will stay online for quite a while yet. Furthermore, regardless of whether the workers do close down, InnerSloth has made arrangements to make the game’s code open hotspot for anybody hoping to safeguard it.

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