Yulu Business Model – A fresh strategy for green travels and enjoy

About Yulu

Do you know how difficult it is to travel in a taxi or travelling in a bus during peak hours? We would really feel to get down and travel in our own vehicle due to more crowds. Many would have felt this at least once in their lifetime. People now prefer to travel flexibly and on time due to the rat race in the world. This is how Yulu renders its hand for help.

Yulu’s history:

Yulu’s business model helps you to hire bikes and bicycles for short-distance travel. You can simply pick up a Yulu bike or cycle from any one of their stands and leave it at another stand. They call it the Yulu Pickup & Drop Zone. Yulu’s Pickup and Drop Zone leniencies you by making them easily pick up and drop vehicles. They mostly make it viable near metro, railways and bus stations.

How much does Yulu charge for riding?

  1. Yulu’s business model aims to make a green and effective transport system at the most convenient and cheap price of 5 rupees to travel for a minimal distance.
  2. Bicycles are rendered with a price of 10 INR for the initial 30 minutes and then an additional price of 5 is charged for the next 30 minutes which they specifically call as Yulu Pause. The surety payment for these is 100 INR.
  3. Yulu provided “Yulu Miracle” which is nothing but E-Bikes meant for more distant and speedy routes. They come with a price of 100 INR for the initial 10 minutes and then an additional price of 5 for the next 10 minutes is charged which they specifically call as Yulu Pause. The surety payment for these is 250 INR.
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So interesting and cheap service, just install the app and start your travel.

Yulu’s booking procedure:

Please see below the procedure for booking with Yulu and making the ride.

  • Go to the application.
  • Generate the profile needed.
  • Verify the payment features for making payment at a later stage.
  • Detect and locate the closer Yulu that is hiring.
  • Proceed to the Yulu and scan the QR code present in the bike/bicycle.
  • Start travelling to the place which you wish to go.
  • Once you reach the spot, you can pay the amount displayed. 

Trending Success of Yulu Business Model:

Yulu is grappling with success stones though the initial passage of the model had a rough and shaky journey to lead.

  • E-bikes & Bicycles with Government involvement helped to provide a vital role in the development of this model.
  • The bikes and cycles are available on time for all travelers wishing to go out from home.
  • As of now, Yulu’s model is the low-cost budgeted traveling business for short distances.
  • The payment process happens digitally through the e-money concept. Payment happens through wallet or debit or credit cards. So, it’s absolutely simple and easy for travel.
  • There is a separate app for all to easily use the Yulu bicycle and bike.
  • The bike and bicycle models are decided digitally for renting it. You can choose the model which you prefer.
  • The physical look of the bicycle and bike and other aspects are decided through checking the app.

Yulu business model is an emerging model that will rapidly see success in the coming years. Let us all render our hands to make green travel in the future. Get ready for green travel!!!!!!

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