Apple’s TV+ is going to benefit the most from Apple’s new One subscription bundle

Apple has launched the new One subscription bundle. People can get all of Apple’s services at a lower price by getting this bundle. However, it looks like Apple TV+ is the biggest beneficiary of this bundle.

Apple hasn’t disclosed its TV Plus’ metric. They haven’t said how many people have subscribed. Or how many people have watched ‘The Morning Show’ or ‘See’. The only way to get an estimate is through reports from a third-party analytics firm. Bloomberg has a report which suggests that Apple TV Plus has 10 million subscribers out of which only 5 million are active users.


Therefore, it seems like Apple One is going to be a blessing for Apple TV Plus. People who might not be interested in TV Plus might still subscribe to this plan as they might be wanting Apple Arcade or News or the new Fitness+.

Apple is copying Amazon

This type of subscription isn’t new. In fact, Amazon has been using this for years. When Amazon video was struggling, CEO Jeff Bezos suggested making it a part of Amazon Prime. People realized that they were getting very good movies and series at no extra cost. This turned out to be a great move for Amazon. Apple is simply trying to replicate it.

Apple needs TV Plus to become huge. They have invested $6 billion in making content. The streaming service is now going to complete it’s one year and many people had got their first year as free. So, it’s important for Apple to ensure that the subscribers stay. And it looks like with this One bundle Apple TV Plus might succeed. Because the shows are getting better and the library is constantly increasing.

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