Apple watch 6 v/s Samsung Galaxy watch 3

The Apple Samsung rivalry as we have seen over the years between their mobile phones and other products. This rivalry is again catching news wins Samsung in Apple’s both came out with their new smartwatches. Apple has recently launched they are brand new Apple watch 6. Samsung came out with its Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. and as expected by both the brands these two watches came out with the latest features. And some new health sensors, faster and smoother software, and a refreshed interface. Both have been released under the same price range of around $399.

Apple Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which should you buy? - CNET


Samsung watch has a slimmer and stylish design and more storage space and offers little more healthcare features than the previous factory versions. And still, Apple Watch Series 6 is slimmer and provides more storage. Moreover, both the watches stands in the category of the throne of the best smartwatch. The Apple watch has one drawback that it is only compatible with Apple phones. The new Family set up in the Apple watch allows it to expand its ecosystem. Apple Watch can now support LTE. Samsung on the other hand can support both the IOS and Android devices.

On paper comparison:

The main specifications of both devices can be compared as follows.
The Apple watch series 6 has a battery lie of 18 hours. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy is about 2 days. In terms of music storage, Apple has 32GB and Samsung has 8GB. After these differences, both the watches support GPS, ECG monitor, Sleep tracking. And both have their mobile payment applications.

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