Samsung’s Latest 4k Laser Projector: specs and more features know more

The South Korean electronics giant recently announced the release of premiere LSP9T, a compact 4k laser projector.

The projector will allow you to turn your house into a movie theatre with minimum hassle, giving you an overwhelming experience with crystal clear 130-inch image. Moreover, it is    the first projector to offer HDR10+ separate from the pack. This new device is expected to make movies better wherever you want with the use of latest technologies and a suite of hardware that will provide both image clarity and access to some of the regularly used with modern televisions sets. It is intended for a projection range between 0 to 4 feet and delivering the visuals at 4k.

The models soon to be out are LSP9T and LSP7T, displaying a vast 130-inch and 120- inch respectively. The 9T laser projector comes with cutting edge technology and becomes the first to be certified in new display technology.


The premiere LSP9T is the world’s first certified projector with triple laser technology, it is further rated to support 2800 ANSI Lumens support and so delivers revolutionary contrast details as the user watches from bright to dark scenes with a peak. The high dynamic range setting HDR10+ changes the way lighting is displayed. It enables the variability in lighting so that bright scenes are shown as intended and dark scenes create an immersive experience for the viewer. The premiere also comes with “filmmaker mode”, which basically helps to present a movie the way the director intended.

Further, the projector comes running on the company’s smart TV platform, so the viewers can also stream videos from Samsung partners and enjoy supported screen mirroring, both the models will allow the users to access complete array of apps and services that are available on any other recent Samsung TV. When it comes to audio, the premiere has built-in woofers and uses acoustic beam sound direction as a component of its surround sound setup, further reducing the need for big speakers in tighter areas. The premiere basically is an all-in-one package. It has a space saving design and also blends into a variety of room settings and arrangements. It has an easy to install setup and sports fabric finish around the edges.

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Samsung is yet to announce the price and the release date of the laser projector but hints that they will be released somewhere later this year in US, Europe, Korea and other regions. They likely won’t be cheap keeping in mind other Samsung technologies.

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