Why Isn’t Microsoft Releasing It’s Surface Duo Internationally? What is Surface Duo? Why It Might Come To Other Countries In 2021?

The much-awaited Microsoft Surface duo is about to be released on the 10th of September. Which is only a few days from today. However, a well-trusted source, Android Central has revealed that Microsoft does not have plans to release Microsoft Surface Duo internationally. Or at least till the year 2021.
More specifically, Android Central has revealed that the device may only be available internationally around Q2. Which is 6 months after its US release.
Android Central has also mentioned that Microsoft has done so to assess the reception of the experimental device. Microsoft has officially said they’re taking “a measured and phased approach to availability to meet customer demand.” 

What is Microsoft Surface Duo?

Microsoft Surface Duo is a unique device which does everything a bust human being expects a smartphone or a tablet to do. This little device can fit in your pocket and is perfect for those busy gamers. This phone is also pretty good for people who believe they have too much to do and prefer multi-tasking.

Microsoft has mentioned that they don’t prefer calling this device a mobile phone or a tablet, instead, they had to vision to create something that helped people get things done. They said- “We didn’t set out to combine two existing devices – the tablet and the laptop. We had a vision for how we could take the best elements of each to create something entirely new. To find that perfect intersection of hardware and software that unlocks a more intuitive way to work and create.”

We all knew Microsoft was capable of creating its own device which was different than every device that has existed so far, and now they’ve done it. However, Microsoft is anxious to pitch this phone to the entire world after being a part of the one of the biggest cooperate fails, which ended up costing Microsoft to write off $7.6 billion, after which they evidently gave up their effort on making Microsoft phones.

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Why It Might Come To Other Countries In 2021?

The Microsoft customers in the United States can now preorder a Microsoft Surface Duo from $1,399, however, customers abroad cannot do the same, since Microsoft has absolutely no plans to releasing the device abroad in the foreseeable future. And it has not given any time frame to those international users who have been saving up to buy the same.

Microsoft Surface Duo, however, already has certification the countries Japan and Canada, and in the continent of Europe. So it mich launch there before anyone else. The Surface Duo will launch abroad if it surpasses the expectations of US buyers. The plan is fluid and may change.

Microsoft Surface Duo Specifications

The Microsoft Surface Duo comes with the processor Snapdragon 886, with 6GB RAM. No wireless charging support or NFC capabilities to new customers. No NFC support will be a huge misstep in the UK since tap and pay is the ideal way of paying there.

It is also known that BT/EE in the UK has already agreed to carry the device when it does launch in the country. We hope it arrives sooner than the year 2020, but Microsoft has plans to wait for a while before it is available to buy elsewhere.

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