Audeze confirms Xbox Series X and S compatibility: best headphone specs and more

Audeze Penrose is a wireless headphone that comes under two different types:

  • The standard Penrose that is designed for Mac, PC, PS4 and PS5.
  • The Penrose X which is designed for the Xbox and Xbox Series X and S as well as the PC.

News have said- Audeze brand’s gaming headphones will be compatible with both the Xbox series X and S. All the players are really very excited for this compatibility as these headphones comes with great features.

Features of Audeze Penrose

Audeze Headphones

  • the headset comes with a USB dongle to connect to next gen, and current gen consoles.
  • it also connects with desktop computers and can connect with the Bluetooth 5.0 mobile devices.
  • players can activate both the Bluetooth as well as the wireless headset in order to customize the settings via Audeze HQ app on the phone.
  • the headphone has a 100mm planar magnetic drivers.
  • has microphone for streaming or broadcasting.
  • low latency connection.
  • has comfortable memory foam that pads the headset.

Players want their games to be played undisturbed, hence they want to have everything perfect be it the headset, the good controller, or the PC.

Audeze Penrose compatibility with the Xbox Series X and S will make all the players satisfied with the game. They can utilize the headset for voice to chat on the Microsoft consoles.

Players will have better communication with their friends while playing the game.

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