Star Citizen Free Fly This Week: Things you can engage and The vessels know more

Star Citizen Free Fly 

This Week in Star Citizen where we have a Free Fly Event commencing genuine soon and parts to engage with this week finishing the thirteenth of September.

For those of you into legend later today (Tuesday) there will be a post on the weapon maker MaxOx looking further into their History.

There is an immense sum happening Wednesday tho, Phase 2 of the Ship Showdown begins.

This will uncover the best 16 most mainstream flyable ships and starts off their every day no holds barred “fights”.

We additionally have a 2 Week Free Fly occasion beginning here as well. Every one of the 16 of those boats will be flyable for nothing from the ninth – 23rd of September. We don’t have a clue whether this will be an occasion for players with Game Packages Only OR if Star Citizen’s PU will be free for anybody to have a go at during that period yet.

For Subscribers, they are likewise delivering the Newsletter and a Promotion Comm-Link which we will checkout once posted!

Could there be a Ship Sale during the free fly and Ship Showdown period… I would state that is HIGHLY likely. Is there any valid reason why they wouldn’t offer the boats on special? That is not an affirmation, only a desire.

Inside Star Citizen, this Thursday is taking a gander at the Origin 100 Series in more detail and the front-end revise coming in Alpha 3.11.

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For Friday there will be a Star Citizen Live on their Twitch… they will discuss the Ship Showdown and those main 16 boats.

Things you can engage with this week:

A Virtual Star Citizen Cosplay Contest is running until the 31st of October where you can present your cosplay pics.

Additionally, the Ship Showdown will offer you the chance to decide on the boat you like the most in the no holds barred matchups every day.

The Free fly will enable you to fly those boats as well and there will be a ton of new players around I speculate that could profit by experienced players on the Guide System, which combines another player with a sensei in the game to show them how to do… whatever they mentioned being educated about!

One final note about the boat standoff is they said “that the triumphant boats may open some cool prizes in the not so distant future”

The vessels that are going head to head are:

Aegis Avenger Titan

Aegis Eclipse

Aegis Gladius

Aegis Hammerhead

Aegis Reclaimer

Iron block Carrack

Iron block Valkyrie

Banu Defender

Drake Caterpillar

Drake Cutlass Black

Esperia Prowler

MISC Prospector

MISC Razor

MISC Reliant Kore

Starting point 890 Jump

RSI Constellation Andromeda

Notwithstanding the free fly, more shocks are coming. As per the blog reporting the occasion, players can anticipate limited starter packs, referral rewards that will net you a free P52 Merlin, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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