The best time to buy this 70-inch LG 4K TV is right now: Check out the deal on Best Buy

Looking for the right time to purchase a television? Well, you do not have to wait anymore. Your time has come. Labor Day in the US is the time when you get many items you crave for at a cheaper price. Right now, the offers and the sales are at its pinnacle.

As it is the Labor Day weekend, Best Buy has given us a huge discount on the 70-inch LG UN7070 4K TV. It has cut down the price to $580. Not only you get to save $70 compared to the original price, which is a whopping $650, it is also one of the best deals available for a 4K TV at the moment.


You can go on the best shopping spree with the offers which are out in the market right now. Best Buy has some great offers for you.

All you could need from a 4K TV, the 70-inch LG 4K TV offers you all those features.

High Definition Display for a better experience

To enhance the splendor of every scene you watch, it is equipped with Active HDR. The TruMotion 120 aims to sharpen every detail and lower the distortion. This indicates that any fast-action movies, lightning fast scenes and sports will look remarkable and clean compared to any other TVs.

The LG 4K TV has a quad-core processor inculcated in it to display the images and colors in an amazing quality whilst you enjoy your television time.

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Stream effortlessly on your favorite platforms

The same quad-core processor applies the web-OS of LG to make it trouble-free. You can effortless to stream on your favorite platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Apple+, Amazon Prime Video and many more OTT apps. Moreover, you can also get all the LG channels which comprises of at least 180 IP channels of your choice. You can simply watch them here hassle free.

Here is an exciting option for all you sports enthusiasts. A Sports Alert feature comes with the package too. This implies that you can catch all the latest alerts and updates regarding your favorite sports teams and their scores. You can receive all these alerts even when you are busy watching other shows and movies on the TV without any interruption.

Control with voice commands

Plus, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And we can control the actions by giving voice controls. There is also the boost by Apple Airplay 2 and Apple Home kit. Controlling TV and any other smart device via voice commands is a piece of cake compared to controlling with a remote.

It is time for you to replace your old TV set with this amazing 70-inch LG 4K TV which is available at an affordable price of $580. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

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