Historic Event Between Afghanistan Govt and Taliban: Peace Talks Between Taliban and Afghanistani govt

On the 12th of September,2020 a historic event took place in West Asia. A long-lasting war between the insurgents and the Afghan government might finally come to an end. As on this Saturday, the Taliban insurgents and the Afghan Government sat down for talks. The international community was equally thrilled about the talks. They want to persuade the two on to take about certain essential outstanding issues.


Representatives and Hot Topics

From the side of the insurgents, co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar came. Representing the Afghan government Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah was seen. The talks were held in Doha. The two sides came together after being in war for more than 2 decades. This involved the massacre and maiming of many civilians and forces alike. This seems to be the second great news for the people of Afghanistan after the US troops were pulled out by Trump. This move by Trump may help in gaining support in the US elections. Along with the beginning of talks between the two Afghani warring parties, America might see Trump getting reelected.

The talks have led to a lot of hope all across the globe and people wish to see peace prevail. It has been a really long and tough fight for the Afghanis and the world alike. The roots of the problem stretch back to 1979 when USSR had invaded Afghanistan. It was popularly termed as USSR’s Vietnam as they couldn’t seem to get the better of the Afghanis. The rod to peace might hit certain roadblocks around the way however it is a must for all. Afghan chief executive has spoken about the fact that there will have to be certain compromises on both sides. The international community has called for a ceasefire and asked them to talk about women’s rights. Women’s rights and issues have been a long-standing issue in Afghanistan. A ceasefire looks almost certain between the two.

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