PUBG Mobile is Reportedly Coming BACK in India

The Government of India banned several Chinese-based apps from android and iOS platform earlier this week. The list of 118 banned apps included the most popular online battle royale game, PUBG Mobile. Hundreds of millions of players are currently forbidden to run the PBG Mobile application on their smartphone due to the prohibition.

But, a new report claims that PUBG Mobile could return to the country very soon. PUBG Mobile isn’t completely a Chinese app as it was developed by a South Korean company BlueHole’s subsidiary PUBG Corporation. The reason the government of India blocked this app is due to its connection with the Chinese-based tech company, Tencent Games.

Now, the PUBG Corporation has officially announced that they have completely ended their business with the Chinese company, Tencent Games on Tuesday. If the government actually blocked the mobile game due to its connection with China, then the game could make its comeback in the country.

PUBG Corp ended their business with Tencent Games in India

The PUBG Corporation issued a statement on Tuesday claiming that they have removed Tencent’s Indian operations. Tencent Games will no longer control the games’operation in India and the South Korean company themselves will take over. PUBG Corporation will also take the publishing responsibilities in the country. The company reportedly wants to sustain a healthy gaming environment in one of its most profitable regions.

Tencent Games developed the mobile version of Players’ Unknown Battlegrounds, not the PUBG Corporation. Tencent Games also developed another popular battle royale game, Call of Duty: Mobile through their subsidiary Timi Studios.  Activision cut ties with the Timi Studios and Tencent earlier this month and dodged the ban in India. If you are adamant PUBG fan, then you can still play the influential battle royale game in India, and legally.

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Tencent Games only developed the mobile version while the PUBG Corporation developed PUBG PC, Xbox, and PS4. PUBG is available across these platforms’ store, and you can get them after paying some amount.


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