Stimulus Check 2 — A $1,200 Relief Payment On The Way, Status, Timeline, Eligibility, Latest Updates

The coronavirus-pandemic health crisis is far from over, and the US citizens are still facing economic hardships. The recent reports claim that the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House have supported the idea of the second round of stimulus check payments. The Senate is currently on recess until Labour Day, and when they return and negotiation are made, the Americans could get a $1,200 in stimulus money. The president of the US recently signed a few executive orders to provide an economic rescue package to the US citizens.

However, the details about the second stimulus payments are still unclear. The Senate is currently planning to send the $1,200 direct payments to the impacted and eligible Americans (both individuals and families). But, if the second round of stimulus is passed then it reportedly reduced monthly federal unemployment benefits. The current unemployment benefits are $600 per week, and it may reduce to only $200 per week.

Are you eligible for the stimulus check 2?

The eligibility is similar for the second round as well. A single individual who makes $75,000 a year or less is eligible to receive a $1,200 stimulus check. Moreover, a married duo, whose combined earning is $150,000 or less, then they can receive more amount of stimulus paycheck. The individuals have to produce their most recent tax return in order to qualify for the stimulus payment.

Stimulus Check 2 Date

Since the US Senate is out of session until September 8, we cannot tell when the stimulus check will be sent to families and individuals. The negotiators would most probably reach to a conclusion after the office resume and we can talk about the dates. However, we can safely assume that the decision will come before September 30, because the budget deadline is September 30. Senate Republicans recently offered an alternative “skinny” bills plan that will provide less relief to the Americans. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also admitted that all the party are in support and have agreed for the importance of stimulus check 2, but they have failed to reach a conclusion.

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