Apple to replace AMD’s lower-end GPUs with in-house proprietary 5 nm GPUs by 2H 2021: Latest Updates 

Apple to replace AMD’s lower-end GPUs with in-house proprietary 5 nm GPUs by 2H 2021: Latest Updates

Apple has always managed to rule the market and now, they are up with something new. Apple’s owned chip lineup based on ARM cores is going to be broadened to proprietary 5 nm GPUs by 2H 2021. 

The first in-house Apple iGPU is expected to release next year in iMac. The tech giant has always been proud of itself being self-sufficient. And now, this step shows that Apple will not need Intel anymore. 

Apparently, this new dGPUs will replace AMD’s lower-end solutions. Nonetheless, team red will still provide professional models for the Mac Pro workstations.

The Market Competition: Apple’s 5 nm GPUs.


Apple’s SoCS powered by ARM cores is highly advanced in the market as of now. Once again, with the release of A14 Bionic powered by TSMC’s 5 nm GPU nodes will create a next-level Competition for Qualcomm and Samsung. 

The new GPUs will be available for laptops and most probably, for workstations as well. 

According to news published in the Chinese publication Commercial Times, the in-house Apple GPUs are code-named Lifuka. Seemingly, Apple’s GPUs are intended at delivering higher computing performance. This will be at a lower fraction of the power required by other GPUs (presumably AMD’s solutions). 

If everything goes as per the plan, Apple may release these new GPUs with next year’s iMac models sometime in the second half of 2021. Of course, these new GPUs will most likely displace the lower-end GPUs from AMD (at most mid-range). It will provide better computing performance and improved performance per Watt as compared to other processors. Also, it is known that team red will still be providing the competent GPUs included in the powerful Mac Pro workstations, so the collaboration between the two companies will not stop suddenly.

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Although detailed specifications have not been disclosed yet, we can most definitely predict the in-house GPU to be a game-changer. 


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