6 Facebook Features For Business Pages – To improve, secure and to improve business

In this digital world where new applications and software are released every year, Facebook is one of the most versatile models still available in the market. About 2 billion users are using this platform. Though there are many familiar options that everyone is using, Facebook renders other business supports which many might not know. Let us discuss the top 6 Facebook features for business growth.

  1. Connecting your Brand page with others

If you have a brand page and if you want to link the brand page with other pages, you can just like it. By way of liking other pages, the partners associated with your brand will get connected to other similar pages. Your brand page can view five other pages that you have liked.

  1. Procedure to take the lockout by creating trusted contacts

In any chance, if your Facebook account is locked up, you may introduce 3 to 5 contacts whom you feel trusted. This can be done by going to the Settings > Security and Login and changing the trusted contact list. You can also change the trusted contact names if you no longer trust them. In this way, even if you miss your mobile or laptop or even if hackers lock your account, you can easily take the lockout and secure your account. For any business firm, if the Facebook page locks out, it would be difficult to retrieve the information and this option will help them.

  1. Knowing the time spent on Facebook

As any business requires development, they may spend too much time on Facebook, and sometimes they may not even notice this. To know the time spent on Facebook, Go to More () menu > Settings & Privacy > Your Time on Facebook.

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There will be a bar chart available which may show the number of minutes spent each day per week. You can even further try to reduce the number of minutes used on Facebook by below.

Go to Manage Your Time>Set Daily Time Reminder

This will help to reduce the amount of time spent on Facebook.

  1. Knowing about Facebook Response Assistant

Facebook Response Assistant helps to assist your profile when you cannot view your computer or mobile phone due to some reason. Up Next is the tool used for this. If few business teams cannot view the Facebook page for some time limit, then this Facebook Response Assistant will surely help out. This tool is now widely used by many business professionals.

  1. Watch content which you like

Facebook helps you to see the contents which you like the most. If you “Save post” your content, Facebook will know what you like and will make more news regarding them. You can also store this content and see later when you are free to watch it.

  1. Legacy contact and its importance

For any CEO holding business and its business page is very essential. For an aged businessman, there may be a worry as to who will take care of the page after he expires. To fulfill this, there is a separate mention called legacy contact which will help to manage your page once your life is over. The person who you have assigned as legacy contact can write about your status and then accept your friends and update your profile also. Your legacy contact can alter or delete some messages even on your page. This can be done by following the below option.

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Go to Settings > General > Memorialization Settings > Edit


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