Flipkart’s Masterpiece: Insights Tool

Flipkart’s Masterpiece: Insights Tool

In the age of online shopping, if any brand in India has managed to stand up to Jeff Bezos’s all mighty Amazon, it is Flipkart. A company launched in 2007 in Bangalore, a city filled with technophiles. Flipkart grew as a brand and as a movement all over the nation. Much credit for this massive growth is owed to Flipkart’s ability to adapt and innovate according to the needs of the ever-changing world. One such example is seen in the newly launched Insights tool.

Insights Weapon: the Brand Pulse

Brand Pulse is an exciting and newly launched insights tool by Flipkart. The stimulating features seek to make the e-commerce shopping experience more valuable, profitable, and enjoyable for both the brands and the consumers alike. It might just turn out to be a revolutionary idea that changes our perception of online shopping.

It is based on high-level anonymous consumer interactions. Above all, this will help connect the seller to the demands of the consumer more intimately. The term ‘anonymous consumer interactions’ means it will protect the privacy of the individual or the purchaser. Whilst protecting the privacy of the individual it will enable ‘the seller’ to learn and understand much about the changes in demands and society. Therefore it will create a better user experience in addition to a better selling platform.

Advantages of Brand Pulse

The new feature provided in insights is known as brand pulse. Accurately named this feature can truly help change the future and pulse of any brand. Firstly this will help brands understand their relevance in the market in relation to the competition. This feature when deployed correctly by the will aid them to make timely marketing plans in accordance with the ever-changing needs of society.

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This ambitious app gathers and provides information and insights of 250 million users to the producers. This may help bring the two parties together.

Prakash Sikaria

Prakash Sikaria vice president – growth and monetization, Flipkart, said, “In the multimedia world that we live in, it is imperative for brands to understand the user journey in deeper ways. This will be strategically present and important on the platform. With our deep consumer understanding, we believe that we can bring more purpose to the brands that are present on our platform. By leveraging real-time consumer behavior to understand their awareness index. We believe that Brand Pulse will be the simplest way for a brand to understand how they are faring against the competition. This will enable them to measure brand health metrics on Flipkart through a new lens.”

All in all conspiracy theorists and Orwellian may dub this as the beginning of 1984. Yet this seems to be a revolutionary idea that may take Flipkart a level above. In conclusion, this has great potential and therefore may create ripples across the universe.

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