The unveiling of Fitbit’s next-generation new smartwatch in the much loved Versa series.

Fitbit’s next-generation new smartwatch

Fitbit is about to come out with their latest release in the smartwatch category. With the new release, Fitbit brought out some of the long-awaited updates that the customers were waiting for. The new watch in Versa series is about to be launched by Fitbit. It has been only a few years that Fitbit released its first Versa watch and it has become one of the most loved smartwatches from Fitbit. Fitbit has always targeted in the unification of the fitness trackers and smartwatches and the Versa 3 is another attempt for this. The Versa 3 comes out in a more affordable category and it surely becomes a top contender for the budget smartwatches in the market.

The unveiling of Fitbit's next-generation new smartwatch in the much loved Versa series.


Fitbit has done a pretty good job when it comes to the price of the product. Kept the smartwatch simple, and the cost of the third instalment in the Versa series has remained approximately the same as the previous versions which start at Rs. 10,999. This price makes the product very competitive which is packed with fabulous features.

The main highlights of the product:

After the criticism for the lack of GPS in the Versa 2, Fitbit finally came up with this feature in the Versa 3. There is an upgrade seen in the battery life of the watch, which can go up to 6 days with a single charge which also has the fast charging ability, which is a whopping whole day battery in 12 minutes of charge as claimed by the company. The personal assistant feature has seen many upgrades with the addition of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa which works with an inbuilt strong speaker to give responsive audio feedback. This speaker will also support voice calls.

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The unveiling of Fitbit's next-generation new smartwatch in the much loved Versa series.

Apart from the newly packed features, the general features of the Versa series have been polished. The tracking of skin temperature, stress levels, and more have been made more user friendly. Fitbit Versa 3 uses the same magnetic charging technology used in the flagship smartwatch of Fitbit i.e. Fitbit Sense. The very common features like sleep tracker, 20 types of exercise modes, water-resistance up to 50m, PurePulse heart rate sensor 2.0, along with the display have been enhanced.

Is this watch worth waiting for?

The Versa 3 version is surely not as interesting as their flagship device Fitbit Sense, but it does the job for the person looking for an upgrade in the previous Versa 2. It clears off the problems faced by the users of Versa 2. The improvements assure the costumers that there won’t anything left to complain about.

The unveiling of Fitbit's next-generation new smartwatch in the much loved Versa series.

For the main lovers of Fitbit, Versa 2 was a major setback. There was an inclusion of Amazon Alexa but there was no audio feedback and the responses of the assistant were completely in textual form. There was a Spotify playback, but there wasn’t any offline music support which makes the watch more dependent on the mobile phone. This was a major problem during workout periods for people.

The Versa 3 is worth waiting for, but if you want a budget-friendly watch urgently. Fitbit Lite is the best option which offers fantastic value for money.

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