Reliance Jio Launches Next-Gen Smart Glasss, JioGlass — Release Date, Features, and Price

The largest mobile network operator of India, Jio, has launched a brand new next-generation gadget, called the Jio Glasses. The new smart glasses draws similarity with the recently launched Snap Spectacles 3 by Snapchat. The team from the Jio platforms reportedly worked to create the tech-enabled spectacle.

Jio launched the new mixed reality solution during Jio’s 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM). The gadget features both cellulars as well as wireless connectivity, and you can connect with your friends, family, and colleagues. The gadget needs to be paired with the user’s smartphone.

The company believes that the product will serve as an advanced solution for video conferencing and virtual meetings. Jio Glass would be an amazing solution to the teachers and students to attend a virtual class with third-dimensional rooms and study through the holographic content. The president of the Reliance Industries Limited, Kiran Thomas, demonstrated the mixed realities and claimed the spectacle is at the cutting edge of technology.


Thomas also showcased various features and the services of the mixed reality during the event. He reportedly called Aakash Ambani and Isha Ambani, the children of the owner of Reliance Jio, through the smart glass and interacted in 3D and 2D. He instructed the spectacle to call them via JioMeet. Isha Ambani received Kiran’s call in the glass’s virtual room through 2D interface while Aakash appeared in his 3D avatar inside the virtual room.

The gadget will smoothen the video meetings and interactions with other users through the device’s 25 built-in apps. But you have to connect the gadget to your smartphone to power the Jio Glass. JioGlass works on the augmented reality environment and weighs around 75 grams. However, the company didn’t reveal anything more on the product’s specifications and availability.

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Jio is currently working on to spread 5G across the country and confirmed that the JioGlass would also feature 5G connectivity. The president of RIL also didn’t provide a hint about the gadget’s price in the country. Jio has recently partnered with Google to develop several products through Jio Platforms. The company reportedly amassed nearly 33 crores from Google for the same.

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