You will now be able to make purchases with APE (Appcoin), BitPay has started payment support.


The trend of Crypto payments is increasing in every industry. Major cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay has announced that it is now also supporting AppCoin (APE). Italian fashion house Gucci has reportedly said it will start accepting the cryptocurrency in partnership with BitPay. This will encourage the use of Apcoin (APE) and people will start buying … Read more

ASCI Guidelines to Aid Investor Education and Transparency, Says Crypto Industry


The crypto industry has welcomed the new set of guidelines released by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) for advertising virtual digital assets on February 23. Late last year, the industry had faced flak from the government and was criticized for misleading advertisements across print medium, television, and social networks. Earlier today, self-regulatory body ASCI mandated that … Read more

Bitcoin Less Green Since China Ban Bitcoin, Research Says

China Ban Bitcoin

According to a recent study, despite China Ban Bitcoin last year, mining the largest cryptocurrency has become significantly dirtier, emitting about the same amount of CO2 yearly as a country the size of Greece. Bitcoin Has Become Less Green China Ban Bitcoin Mining is the process of creating new bitcoins with the help of large … Read more

How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Will Affect the Global Financial World

The Russia Ukraine conflict is bound to have grave repercussions for the global financial world. The Russian president has finally declared war on Ukraine. The Russian troops have entered Ukraine. Given the current precarious state of the world economy, the world is definitely not in a position to bear another economic blow. As Central Banks … Read more

Sequoia Capital’s $600 Investment in Crypto

Sequoia Capital, the venture is an American venture capital firm focusing on the technology industry. It recently found itself in the news for its “commitment to crypto”. The venture firm has dedicated a huge amount of money to cryptocurrency and is following a trend that has obviously taken the entire world by storm. Almost everyone … Read more

Bitcoin Dip and The Influences on The Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency is at the helm of the financial market with numerous people involved in the trade. From everyday people to investing sharks, everyone has their hands in the virtual part of the market. With numerous currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, the market is more popular than ever before. However, that is not all. Recently, … Read more

Crypto Related Confusion in Budget 2022

Budget 2022

Crypto-related confusion in Budget 2022. India has taken its first concrete steps in acknowledging crypto giving both excitement and confusion over whether the country is approving crypto as an asset. Budget 2022 During budget 2022, India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made two major announcements while introducing the nation’s budget for the upcoming. ●First, the government … Read more