Ranboo Face Reveal – How the Twitch Streamer Looks?

Ranboo has become the most popular figure in the Minecraft Stream Community due to engaging content. He is also a renowned YouTuber who used to make Minecraft videos. Many Social Media stars choose to keep their face hidden to maintain their privacy, Ranboo is one of them. His persona consists of wearing a glass and a pair of sunglasses. To know about Ranboo Face Reveal in 2023, keep reading.

Despite the millions of followers on the Internet, Ranboo has never exposed his face to his fans. He has always appeared in his trademark black and white mask. There is a hoax on the Internet that he is going to reveal his entire face after reaching 5 million subscribers.

This Twitch Streamer is better known for his gaming Videos as well as collaborations with popular gamers. This post on TechSpunk will discuss in detail about Ranboo Face Reveal, Net Worth, Early Life, and more.

Early Life of Ranboo

Ranboo was born to an American family on November 2, 2003. Presently this rising YouTuber is 19 years old. The Twitch Streamer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area California, in the United States.

He has completed his high school education at a renowned School in his hometown. Ranboo chooses to stay quiet about his private life. Due to this reason, no information about higher education, Parents, or Siblings is not available on the web yet.

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Ranboo Career

Ranboo’s Career debuted when he created his YouTube Channel in January 2020. One month later, he started streaming on Twitch. The title of his first video was “I decided to play Skywars, it was a nightmare”. He used to display a wide range of Video games on his channel including Super Mario, Minecraft, UNO, and more.

After the broadcast by Dream SMP Player, his popularity skyrocketed. Later, he started posting on TikTok which increased his followers on YouTube too. Within a short span of one year, he has reached one million followers. To celebrate his success, Ranboo declared to celebrate “National Ranboo Day” on the 26th of every month.

He brought the first collection of goods called Ranboo Fashion in September 2021. In February 2022, he became part of an e-sports organization.

Does Ranboo face Reveal in 2023?

Ranboo Face Reveal

Crazy fans of Ranboo are curious to know if Ranboo’s face is revealed or not.

Until now, Ranboo has not made up his mind to show his face in front of the public. Fans are aware that he always appears in a black-and-white mask. His face was barely seen when his mask fell off while talking in April 2021. Many people have taken the screenshots too.

Besides this Tommyinnit and another YouTuber tried to pull off his mask in one video, however, Ranboo immediately covered his face so that you can’t see him. he never got angry with him for his doing. It seems that one day definitely Ranboo will show off his face to the audience.

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Whenever Ranboo exposes his face, we will update it here.

Ranboo Girlfriend

Ranboo and Aimsey often seem together on Twitch. However, they never revealed publicly that they were dating each other.

Ranboo Net Worth

Ranboo is a successful Twitch Streamer and YouTube Content Creator. His monthly revenue from two YouTube channels ranges from $8.7k to $10K. While his monthly earnings from Twitch are roughly $162k to $175k. As of 2023, the estimated Net Worth of Ranboo is $5 Million.


  • Ranboo is suffering from Facial Dysmorphia. It is the reason that he used to cover his face with a mask.
  • He used to talk while sleeping.

                          Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Ranboo’s real name?

Ans: Ranboo’s real name is Mark Ranboo.

Q2: How does Ranboo look like?

Ans: Unfortunately, none of his fans knows how he looks as he never reveals his face to anyone. Ranboo used to cover his face with black sunglasses and a mask. However, the YouTuber did an eye reveal on 26 November 2021 during one of his streams.

Q3: How much is Ranboo’s Net Worth?

Ans: This Twitch Streamer has an estimated net worth of about $5 Million.

That’s all about Ranboo Face Reveal. Thanks for reading!!

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