Is Charlie Puth Gay? Everything We Know So Far

Celebrities are constantly under scrutiny for their personal lives. Although sexual orientation is a very private matter that should be respected, high-profile people are no exception. Charlie Puth is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and producer. Is Charlie Puth Gay? The gay rumors about Charlie Puth have been going around in circles for a while now.

The We Don’t Talk Anymore singer’s love life and sexuality have always been a topic of discussion among his fans. But, the question is why there are so many speculations about Charlie Puth’s sexuality. What is his dating history? Is he in a relationship presently? We have answers to all of your queries. We will examine the evidence and statements made by Puth himself to shed some light on this topic. It is important to address that regardless of the singer’s sexual orientation, it does not affect his talent or the quality of his music.

Is Charlie Puth Gay?

The short answer is, no, Charlie Puth is not gay. Throughout his career, Charlie Puth has been linked romantically to several high-profile women in the entertainment industry. Some known ones are Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele.

However, Charlie Puth himself has never talked about his sexuality. But, the fact that Charlie has dated several stunning women including singers, models, and actresses throughout his life makes it very clear that he is not gay. At the end of the day, he is identified as straight and not gay.

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Is Charlie Puth gay?
Is Charlie Puth gay

Who is Charlie Puth?

Charlie Otto Puth Jr. is a singer-songwriter and a record producer. He started his career in 2009 by uploading videos on his YouTube channel, “CharliesVlogs“, and posting comedy videos and acoustic covers. He gained fame after his song, ”See You Again”, recorded with Wiz Khalifa, dominated the Billboard Hot 100 list for 12 weeks in a row.

Born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey, United States, Charlie was passionate about music at a very early age. By the time he was in high school, he was already writing and producing his own music. In 2009, he released his first EP, ”The Otto Tunes”. Later, Puth went to study at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

The birth of gay rumors

In 2015, Puth released his debut single “Marvin Gaye”, featuring singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor. At the American Music Award 2015, Meghan Trainor performed her single “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”. Things got hot when she was joined by Charlie Puth on stage and they performed “Marvin Gaye” together. Everybody was stunned when they ended the performance by locking lips.

Is Charlie Puth a gay
Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor

However, Charlie Puth explained in an interview that it was just a promotional stunt for the song and they are just good friends. So, when the singer denied any romantic connection with Meghan, fans began to speculate about his sexuality. This led to rumors circulating on the internet that he might be homosexual.

Well, the rumors about Charlie Pruth’s sexuality didn’t end here. In 2017, he was promoting his single, Attention, ahead of its release with 102.7KIIS FM. The singer said a few things about his companionship with Shawn Mendes. And that led to the start of the gay rumors about Charlie Puth.

Is Charlie Puth gay
Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes

The interview went viral on social media in the blink of an eye for various reasons. In the interview, Charlie went on to say that he and Shawn compare their physiques by staring at images of themselves and they even send them to each other over the phone.

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It was, however, said that they were just trying to compare their progress as they were both in the process of bulking up. In an interview with 104.3 MYfm, Shawn denied the claims. Although he said that Charlie once sent him a photo, he did not reply. Despite the rumors, the two remain good friends.

Charlie Puth’s dating history

In 2016, Charlie briefly dated Selena Gomez. Although it is unknown how long they stayed together, it is not a secret that she was the inspiration for the song “We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

He also hung out with Bella Thorne, which got really out of hand when Charlie accidentally accused Bella of cheating with her ex, Tyler Posey.

In 2017, Charlie and Danielle Campbell allegedly dated. He confirmed in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he was in a relationship but was done “dating people in public”. But fans believed that the mystery girlfriend is said to be Campbell. Both never confirmed the relationship.

He dated Halston Sage before dating Charlotte Lawrence. His breakup with Lawrence gave birth to another hit song, “That’s Hilarious”.

In addition to these rumored relationships, Puth has also been linked to actress Madison Reed, who is the daughter of Somewhere Over the Rainbow singer Victoria Justice. They were seen together in 2016 and reportedly dated for a brief period of time.

Charlie Puth’s current relationship

As of now, Charlie Puth is officially dating Brooke Sansone. The couple made their relationship public on Instagram, and Puth confirmed their relationship during an October 2022 episode of The Howard Stern Show. It is worth noting that Sansone is a longtime family friend from Puth’s hometown of Rumson, New Jersey. She has been described as a stylish brunette, and Instagram sleuths were able to identify her after Puth posted a photo of them together on his 31st birthday.

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Charlie Puth’s current relationship with Brooke Sansone

Charlie Puth’s Connection to the LGBTQ+ Community

The American singer has a great fan base among the LGBTQ+ community. Many people just love and admire him for his captivating music. As he has become more active on social media, where he puts his music pieces, his fans adore him and always quench for more.

Recently, in an interview, Charlie Puth shared that he gets a lot of inspiration from the people of the LGBTQ+ community. As someone who is open-minded and accepting, Puth reveals that he has learned a lot from the community. Also, he mentioned that he is very grateful for the support he has received from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Charlie Puth?

Ans. Charlie Otto Puth Jr. is a singer-songwriter and a record producer.

2. What is Charlie Puth’s age?

Ans. Currently, Charlie is around 32 years old.

3. Is Charlie Puth gay?

Ans. Throughout his career, Charlie Puth has been linked romantically to several high-profile women in the entertainment industry. However, in interviews, he stated that he doesn’t see the obligation to categorize his sexual orientation. Thus, we cannot confirm Charlie’s sexual orientation. But in the end, it is realized that he is straight, and not gay.

4. To whom has Charlie Puth dated in the past?

Ans. Some known ones are Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele.

5. Is Charlie in a relationship currently?

Ans. As of now, Charlie Puth is officially dating Brooke Sansone.


Charlie Puth is a talented singing sensation who is popular among people of all ages. He has made a remarkable career graph with his passion for music. As we know, in this era of social media, the personal lives of all popular figures are discussed a lot on the internet. Charlie Puth, being a renowned and well-known celebrity, is not an exception. For many years, people are talking about the singer’s sexuality. Is Charlie Puth gay? Hopefully, you have had enough insights into this topic. For more such updates keep visiting our website, standfordartsreview.com.

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