Tina Turner Funeral: When and Where the Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen Buried?

Legendary singer Tina Turner’s funeral plans have been announced after the singing sensation passed away due to a prolonged illness at 83. The ”Rock & Roll Queen” died at her home in Kusnacht near Zurich in Switzerland on Wednesday.

Turner’s spokesperson confirmed that she passed away ”peacefully” and stated, ”With her, the world loses a music legend and a role model. With her music and inexhaustible vitality, Tina Turner thrilled millions of fans and inspired many artists of subsequent generations.”

Her funeral service will be a private affair, exclusively attended by Tina’s close relatives and friends. Her spokesperson shared: “Close friends and family will attend a private funeral ceremony.” The official announcement was made through Tina’s Instagram account, informing her devoted fans of her passing.

Tina Turner passed away at 83

The statement posted on her social media page read: “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tina Turner. With her music and her boundless passion for life, she enchanted millions of fans around the world and inspired the stars of tomorrow. Today we say goodbye to a dear friend who leaves us all her greatest work: her music. All our heartfelt compassion goes out to her family. Tina, we will miss you dearly.”

As the news of her passing spread around the world, tributes poured in from fans and famous faces alike. Popular figures such as Naomi Campbell and Magic Johnson expressed their heartfelt condolences, paying tribute to the icon’s extraordinary talent. Certainly, she was magical on stage!

Tributes at Tina Turner’s death due to illness


While Tina Turner enjoyed a remarkable career on stage, her personal life was marked by health challenges and tragic events. Her childhood was not easy. Turner and her elder sister Ruby Aillene dealt with many issues when their parents left for their work elsewhere.

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Turner mentioned in an interview, ”My mother and father didn’t love each other, so they were always fighting.” First, her mother left when she was 10 to live in St. Louis. Thereafter, Tina’s father left three years later. Then Turner relocated to Brownsville, Tennessee, to live with her grandmother.

Further, she bravely faced numerous health battles, including a stroke, kidney failure, and a battle with intestinal cancer, which she candidly discussed in a recent documentary about her life. Her husband Erwin Bach donated her a kidney which was a life-saving transplant in 2017.

In addition to her health struggles, Tina endured the ever-lasting effects of post-traumatic stress disorder that was stimulated by the domestic abuse she suffered during her first marriage to Ike Turner.

To add to her sorrow, her heartache persisted as she experienced the devastating loss of a second child shortly before her own passing. Her son Ronnie aged 62, was found dead outside his home in Los Angeles, adding to the string of horrific life events the singer had endured. This tragedy followed the loss of her other son Craig, who died of suicide in 2018.

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