Lauren Sanchez Plastic Surgery: Before and After Looks

Lauren Sanchez, an Emmy award-winning journalist, and reportedly Jeff Bezos’ fiancee, has always been a stunning woman, but are these looks completely natural?

Well, some plastic surgeons believe that the 53-year-old media personality has likely had breast implants, facelifts, cheek and lip fillers, and nose jobs over the years.

In 2010, Lauren broke down her Academy Awards routine for Self magazine, ”The night before is for studying everyone who is going to be on the red carpet. The morning of the awards I leave really early. I feed my kids breakfast- I have egg whites, sliced avocado, and coffee, take a shower, and head straight to the hotel where we get ready to do hair and makeup.”

Lauren Sanchez in 2010

As far as her figure is concerned and how she stays in amazing shape, Lauren explained back then, ”Pilates changed my body. I used to run marathons and I was never as fit and toned as I am now. I do it at a studio run by Saul Choza and I’m indebted to him forever because my ass has lifted. We do a mix of mat and reformer.”

Further, she showed off how she maintained her amazing figure with hard workouts in July 2022 on her social media. The brunette beauty was seen doing dumbbell presses on a bench, barbell bench presses, and many sit-ups.

The licensed helicopter pilot founded Black Ops Aviation in 2016 after which she turned her sights away from being in front of the camera. Her company was the nation’s first female-owned aerial and production company. It was her love for aviation that let her meet and bond with Jeff Bezos. Both Lauren and Jeff were married when they fell in love and divorced their respective partners in 2018.

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Since 2019, they have been making public appearances together. According to reports, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez got engaged on vacation together in the South of France. As the couple made headlines, people are catching the eye of Lauren Sanchez’s looks. Well, the TV personality has always been naturally beautiful and if she had surgical enhancement done then it was ”very nicely done”, according to experts.

Expert injector Pamela Weinberger agreed that the former TV anchor has ”an absolutely striking look” but adds that she does look ”more overfilled than she did in past years.” Other experts mentioned that ”the very fact that we are discussing the ‘work’ here means that something caught our eye- something that made cosmetic interventions apparent to us.”

Dr. Kassir says the goal should be to ”make people look like themselves but just more refreshed.” But people are eager to know about the procedures, the mother of three underwent to achieve these looks at 53.

A New York and New Jersey-based surgeon said, ”The clear sign Bezos’ girlfriend has gotten a facelift is her ”attached earlobe” which is more apparent in some of her newer photos than older ones.” He added, ”If you do a facelift and sew everything too tight, the earlobe becomes attached to the face and loses its curved contour.”

Dr. Ehsan Ali agrees that Lauren had a mini facelift as ”her skin looks pulled back and tighter.” Other than that, he also thinks that she had rhinoplasty since the ”tip of her nose is much thinner than before.” Also, Pamela Weinberger, a popular cosmetic expert believes that Sanchez had lip filler and thinks it should be redone to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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Lauren Sanchez plastic surgery

Well, it’s not uncommon for a woman, more so a ”celebrity” woman in her 50s to have cosmetic work done. There are many people who would welcome this, and at the same time, there are others that prefer to be more discrete. Mostly, this is a personal preference, and as long as one is satisfied with their looks, the cosmetic procedures that led to it are worth it.

Moreover, as rightly said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

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