No Hard Feelings Plot, Cast, Release Date, Trailer and More About Adult Comedy

Ready to watch a hilarious and quirky adult feature film? Director Gene Stupnitsky has set his next feature, ready to hit the theaters soon. So, who wants to enjoy the film No Hard Feelings starring Jennifer Lawrence?

We have mostly seen the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence in dramatic roles. This time, she will show her comedy avatar in a complete novel genre. The trailer is out and has stuck the right cord! And we are excited to watch her having fun. So, who’s in for an age-sex comedy?

A brief about No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings is an upcoming American adult comedy film directed by Gene Stupnitsky. He made his directorial debut with Good Boys in 2019. No Hard Feelings follows the same lens of comedy drama. He wrote its screenplay in collaboration with John Phillips. Also, he has directed two episodes of The Office, a television series.

Along with being the main cast on this film, Jennifer Lawrence is also part of it as a producer. No Hard Feelings will mark her second project for her production company, Excellent Cadaver. She starred in Causeway for Apple TV+, the first film of her company. Justine Polsky, Marc Provissiero, Naomi Odenkirk, and her co-producers in No Hard Feelings. After a big bidding war with Apple, Netflix, and Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing won its distribution rights.

Though lead Star Jennifer Lawrence has had a bumpy career, she is successful. The actress starred in ”Don’t Look Up” and returned to her roots in ”Causeway”. This time, she will showcase another side of her talent with a raunchy and fun movie. Yes, we are all set to laugh in the theaters. Stay with us to know more about No Hard Feelings. We will discuss its release date, plot, cast, and much more.

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No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings plot and release date

No Hard Feelings: Trailer and Plot

The trailer of No Hard Feelings seems to be very promising and captivating. The laugh-out-loud, edgy riot trailer had blown away the audience. Jennifer Lawrence showed off her comic timing in movies like Silver Lining Playbook, Joy, American Hustle, and Didn’t Look Up. But this time, she is leading the cast in an adult comedy for the first time.

On the edge of losing her childhood home, Maddie (Jennifer) discovers an overwhelming job on a Craigslist ad. It mentioned: wealthy helicopter parents from Montauk, New York, looking for someone to date their 19-year-old introvert son, Percy before he leaves for college. Surprisingly, Maddie discovers awkward Percy is no sure thing.

Also, she realizes that this breakthrough might lead to an emotional connection for her. Meanwhile, many physical gags, reckless driving, vomiting, raunchy arguments, and punching happen. So, the plot revolves around these fun characters and their journey. Isn’t it interesting?

No Hard Feelings: Release Date

The American-age sex comedy-drama film directed by Gene Stupnitsky and co-written by Stupnitsky and John Phillips was initially set to be released on June 16, 2023. However, due to the release of ”The Flash” on the same date, the theatrical release of No Hard Feelings is postponed to June 23, 2023. Sony bills the film as an ”R-rated comedy by heart”.


The cast of No Hard Feelings

  • The film marks Jennifer Lawrence’s first comedy since her epic role in 2010 Winter’s Bone. She is the lead cast.
  • Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy is a nineteen-year-old introvert ready to head to college in a few months.
  • Matthew Broderick is Percy’s father.
  • Laura Benanti as Percy’s mom.
  • Natalie Morales as Percy’s friend.
  • Scott MacArthur as another friend.
  • Ebon Moss Bachrach as Gary
  • Kyle Mooney
  • Hasan Minhaj
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In Short

Film name:                                   No Hard Feelings

Directed By:                                Gene Stupnitsky

Written By:                                   Gene Stupnitsky and John Phillips

Produced by:                                Jeniffer Lawrence, Justine Polsky, Marc                                                                        Provissiero, and Naomi Odenkirk

Lead Cast:                                     Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman

Cinematography:                          Eigil Bryld

Production Companies:                Excellent Cadaver and Columbia Pictures

Distributed by:                              Sony Pictures Releasing

Release date:                                 June 23, 2023

Language:                                       English

Country:                                          United States of America

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Release platform:                           Theaters

Rating:                                             R- Rated comedy

Genre:                                              Adult Comedy

Social Media Reaction

Would people want to see a 32-year-old girl date a 19- year old boy? Yes, it happens in real life on both sides. Jennifer Lawrence is set to seduce the ”unf**kable boy”. According to the viewers, this makes the movie 80% more interesting. So, never seen such a plot! It is a brand new story that seems to be ”unshakable”. Someone wrote on Twitter that some moments felt creepy, like spraying pepper by Jennifer.

Final Words

The age-sex comedy is ready for its theatrical release on June 23, 2023. The genre is hilarious and raunchy. As Columbia Pictures unveiled the trailer, people found it too captivating. The social media reaction is overwhelming to the plot of the feature.

Movies like these attract the audience to the theaters that have reduced since the Covid breakout happened. We need exciting and different movies that shift the audience back to the big screens. So, what say readers? Are you curious about watching Jennifer Lawrence in an adult comedy? Write your views in the comment box below, and keep visiting us!

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