How to Get Noticed? Unlock the Power of Professional Business Card Design

If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of making a good, long-lasting impression. And that’s a long story, as many tools can help you achieve that goal. In this all-encompassing post, we’ll look closer at business cards, a powerful reminder of your connection with another person, and a chance to demonstrate your brand to others. A well-designed business card makes you different and shows what business you run.

With the properly-chosen design, you can create a card that will get you noticed and help you build relationships with potential customers. However, if you don’t pay much attention to this issue before, it may be challenging for you to tackle that challenge. So, check out this post and learn how to be noticed with the help of your business card!

Elements of an Effective Business Card

If it’s your first run with building business cards, it may be challenging for you to understand what information must be added there. First, you need to choose a trusted tool where you can design your business card. VistaCreate is one of them! It’s a powerful and multi-featured graphic design tool with an array of templates.

Your next step is to ensure your card includes the following information:

  • Your name,
  • title,
  • company name,
  • website,
  • email address,
  • phone number, messengers, etc.

Don’t forget to add your social media accounts, a logo or image, and a tagline or slogan.

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The size and shape of the card also make a huge difference. Standard business cards are 3.5” x 2”, but if you want to be creative, you can choose unconventional shapes and sizes. Ensure the card stock is thick and sturdy and add a special finish (matte or glossy). In doing so, you’ll make it more durable and add a unique touch.

Beyond this, you should also pay attention to the font and colors. Your first and foremost task is to ensure that you use fonts that are easy to read. Even if you are a designer or just a creative person, ensure the design is readable. When it comes to colors, opt for those in line with your brand and avoid using too many colors as this can be overwhelming.

Surely, it’s up to you to decide what to add or remove from your business card, we’ve just reviewed crucially important components. Nevertheless, you need to be doubly sure that the design goes in line with your brand.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

There’s no need to hire a professional designer to create business cards. You can easily do this yourself. Let’s run over some tips that might help you get started:

  • Ensure you have a clear idea of what your card should look like. Create a list of all the information you want to include. A lot depends on your brand and the services you provide.
  • Start designing. Use a professional design program, such as Adobe Photoshop, Vista Create, InDesign, etc. The market is overloaded with an array of great tools, it’s up to you to decide which one to choose. Some of them are free whereas others have only paid versions. All of them have a variety of features that allow you to design your business card in a few clicks.
  • Keep it simple and clean. Avoid using too many fonts, colors, and images, as this can make your card look cluttered and even unprofessional. Remember people don’t want to spend their precious time, exploring what is written on your card. Make it simple and readable!
  • Use high-quality images and graphics. Low-resolution images will make your card look unprofessional and can detract from your overall design. It is better to make a professional photo session and use some images for your business card design.
  • Proofread your card before you print it. Double-check all the information to ensure it is correct. Check out the images as well. As a result, your card will look professional and make a great impression.
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Trends in Business Card Design

Design trends come and go, and the business card design is no exception. Designers are always looking for new ways to make their cards stand out and they are constantly pushing the boundaries with new trends.

One of the most popular trends so far is the use of unconventional shapes and sizes. This is a great way to make your card attractive and create a unique look. Square cards, die-cut cards, and cards with rounded corners are all popular shapes for business cards.

Modern business owners also use various textures and special finishes. In doing so, they can add a tactile element to their cards. Special finishes, such as foil stamping and spot UV, can also make them look unique.

And finally, you need to remember that minimalist designs are always popular. Focus on simplicity and use minimal elements to create a clean, modern look. It’s a superb solution for those who want to make a subtle statement with their business cards.

Printing and Paper Choices

Once you have finished designing your business card, it is time to print it. You can print it yourself using a high-quality printer and card stock, or you can use a professional printer. The second option is much better as professional printers allow you to get the best possible result.

Beyond this, you should also pay attention to the paper you use. Standard business cards are often printed on 14pt card stock, but you can also choose thicker card stocks or specialty papers for a unique look. Don’t forget about finishes that can add a unique touch to your card design. You can opt for matte, glossy, or even textured (it’s up to you to decide).

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As you can see creating your unique business card is easier than you might think. All that you need to do is to follow our recommendations and keep it simple. Don’t use too crazy fonts that are really hard to read. Choose a color palette that is in line with your brand. If you don’t have time to work on this or you lack inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask professional designers for help!


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