Alicia Moffet Boyfriend: To Whom is Alicia Moffet Dating Now?

Alicia Moffet, a famous Canadian singer, is currently single. She was dating Alexandre Mentink and had a serious relationship with him for around three years. Yes, you read that right! Alexandre Mentink, who is a former ice hockey player, was Alicia Moffet boyfriend. But, presently, Alicia Moffet seems to be single.

She announced her love for Alex Mentink on social media, increasing her followers. Certainly, she is a rising star in the Canadian Music industry. The couple met in around 2018 and dated till 2021. And ya, they have a baby together, surprised? Let us explore more about them.

Who is Alicia Moffet Boyfriend?

Alicia Moffet is not dating anyone presently. She was in a relationship with Alexandre Mentink, a former Canadian Hockey player. The couple started dating on June 1, 2018. Then, she announced her break up on social media in December 2021, according to the Narcity Quebec blog. Alex was born on January 25, 1992, and an American by nationality. Later, his family shifted to Canada, and he became a Canadian Hockey player.

Alicia Moffet with Alex Mentink
Alicia Moffet with Alex Mentink

Alexandre Mentink’s age, bio, height, and career

Presently, Alex is 31 years old. He has a sibling and is unmarried. He started playing Hockey as a teenager and later played for a popular hockey team, the Wranglers. After that, he started his entrepreneurship journey. Then, he left the team in 2015 and started working towards his vision to make Canada a green country. For that, he started working as the President of Mentink General Contractor Inc. Alex took the company to success and achieved a lot in construction.

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So, the company worked with the vision of saving electricity and making the environment green. Further, he shared this vision and started specializing in solar panels. Also, he promoted heavily in the region of Quebec. He also collaborated with a company named Kusteez that made sweaters and caps.

A 6 foot 1-inch former hockey player loves fitness and enjoys working out. He has a muscular body with a 65 kgs weight. 

Alicia and Alex have a beautiful daughter named Billie Lou Mentink, born on July 20, 2019. As we scrolled their Instagram profile, we saw they spent quality time with their daughter. Though they don’t seem to be in a relationship now, they go on holidays with their daughter Billie individually.

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Alicia and Alex with their daughter
Alicia and Alex with their daughter

Alexandre Mentink’s Net Worth

Mentink career has been unstable in the beginning. He transformed his career from sports to business. Initially, he was a hockey player. Later, he entered a company of construction. Then, he started his solar panel company and collaborated with a clothing company. Presently, his net worth is expected to be $1-2 million and will probably increase in years to come.

Full name:                                       Alexandre Carvalho-Mentink

Age (as of 2023):                             31 years

Birth date:                                        January 25, 1992

Birthplace:                                       United States

Nationality:                                       American

Education:                                         Not known

Parents:                                             Not known

Number of siblings:                           One

Height:                                               6 feet 1 inch

Weight:                                              65 kgs (approximately)

Complexion:                                       Fair

Zodiac sign:                                        Aquarius

Relationship status:                           Presently single

Net Worth:                                          $2 million (estimated)

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Ex Girlfriend:                                       Alicia Moffet

Daughter:                                            Billie Lou Mentink

Who is Alicia Moffet?

Alicia Moffet is a Quebec singer who won the 2013 season of The Next Star. Born on July 22, 1998, she released several singles and gained much popularity as a pop singer. Also, she was featured in the 2015 edition of the French Canadian version of The Voice. In 2020, she released her first album Billie Ave with other artists. Further, in early 2022, Alicia released her second album, Interwine. According to her, her second album is a reflection of herself.

Some of her popular singles are:

  • ”We Just Don’t Care” during the show ‘The Next Star’ on 9th September 2013.
  • ”Better Watch Out for Me” on 16th September 2013.
  • ”Why Do Boys Lie”, released on March 11, 2014.
  • ”Take Control”, released on June7, 2019.
  • ”Beautiful Scar”, released on December 6, 2019
  • ”On Your Mind”, in March 2020.
  • ”Body High”, released on 16th June, 2020.
  • ”Lullaby”, released on January 14, 2022
  • Winter Wonderland” in 2022.

Alicia Moffet’s dating history has one name, and that is Alex! Yes, that’s true. She broke up with Alex L’ Abbee before she started dating Alex Mentink in 2018. Isn’t that a big coincidence? She has a lovely daughter named Billie Lou Mentink with Alexandre Mentink. Once, she mentioned that after the birth of her daughter, she started feeling uncomfortable with the big size of her breasts. So, she got her breast reduction surgery on January 22, 2020.

Full name:                                         Alicia Moffet

Date of birth:                                     22 July 1998

Place of birth:                                     Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

College:                                              University of Canada

Occupation:                                        Singer, Songwriter, Actress

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Age:                                                   24 years

Nationality:                                         Canadian

Height:                                               5 feet 3 inches (approximately)

Weight:                                               50 kgs (approximately)

Complexion:                                        Fair

Zodiac sign:                                         Cancer

Relationship:                                       Presently single

Ex-boyfriend:                                       Alexandre Mentink (2018-2021)

Children:                                             One daughter named Billie Lou Mentink

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who is Alicia Moffet?

Ans. Alicia Moffet is a Canadian Singer and songwriter. She is also a popular social media celebrity and influencer.

Q2. Who is Alicia Moffet Boyfriend?

Ans. Presently, the singer is not dating anyone. She was in a serious relationship with Alexandre Mentink, a former hockey player, for around three years.

Q3. Does Alicia Moffet have any children?

Ans. Yes, Alicia Moffet has an adorable daughter named Billie Lou Mentink with her ex-boyfriend Alex Mentink.

Q4. What is Alicia Moffet age?

Ans. Presently, she is 24 years old.

Q5. Where is Alex Mentink now?

Ans. Presently, he is in Canada working as a businessman.

Q6. Is Alex Mentink in any relationship?

Ans. No, he seems to be single presently.


Alicia Moffet is a popular Canadian singer and pop star. Her albums and singles have become very famous. Certainly, she is a rising celebrity and has gained a lot of fame at such a young age. As we know, people are always curious about the personal life of celebrities.

Alicia is not an exception! Internet users are searching for Alicia Moffet’s boyfriend and other details. In this article, we give you a real insight into her personal life. Hope you enjoyed the article. For more such updates and news, keep visiting our website.

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