Brandon Fugal Net Worth 2023: How Rich is Skinwalker Ranch Owner?

Brandon Fugal is one of the leading business people and real estate investors in the Intermountain West. He is a Venture Capitalist and Tech Investor, having built a landmark career in oil and gas. Fugal is the owner of Skinwalker Ranch, which is based in Utah. Also, he owns Colliers’s International, a real estate firm in Utah.

Being such a rich and successful business tycoon, all the aspiring techies want to know Brandon Fugal Net Worth. So, friends, keep reading! Here we are to discuss Brandon Fugal’s assets, career, real estate developments, and net worth.


Brandon Fugal is a Business Leader, Tech Investor, and Real Estate Investor well-known for his appearance in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, a history channel reality series. He has built a great career in oil and gas industry and owns many real estate firms. One of the firms he owns is Collier’s International which is based in Utah. Also he is the owner of Skinwalker Ranch, which is also called Sherman Ranch.

It is a 512-acre area in the southeast of Ballard, Utah. Interestingly, it is believed to be the scene of some supernatural phenomenon. The area got its name in 2020 from Navajo Mythology about vindictive shamans. Additionally, Brandon Fugal has been invited to appear on many business-related entertainment shows.


Brandon Fugal was born on April 01, 1973, in Pleasant Groove, Utah, in the United States of America. He is 50 years old as of 2023. Fugal grew up in a middle-class family of three siblings.  His brothers names are Cameron and Matthew. In his young life, he decided to make a mark in the real estate industry.

That is why he secured a real estate license at 18. Fugal was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints


He attended Pleasant Groove High School in Utah, USA. Fugal was a bright and disciplined student. He was consistent in his studies, and his teachers always praised him. Later, he enrolled in Utah Valley University for his graduation. Further, he did his post-graduation in Business Administration in the year 2004. Definitely, he was a scholar and ambitious for his goals.

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Full Name:                  Brandon Daniel Fugal

Date of birth:              1st April, 1973

Age (in 2023):             50

Birth place:                  Pleasant Groove, Utah, United States of America

Religion:                       Christianity

Ethnicity:                      White

Zodiac sign:                   Aries

Citizenship:                    American

Profession:                     Businessman, Real Estate Investor and Venture Capitalist

School:                            Pleasant Groove High School, Utah, USA

Graduation:                     Utah Valley University

Post Graduation:             Business Administration (enrolled in 2004)

Number of siblings:         2 brothers

Names of siblings:            Cameron and Matthew


  • Fugal started his career as a Senior Vice President at Utah Reality Group in August 1994, where he served for two years.
  • Further, in March 1998, he joined CBC Advisors and served for around 20 years.
  • Later, in October 2013, he joined as a Chairman of Coldwell Banker Commercial.
  • Then, in March 2016, he co-founded a company named Cypher Corporation.
  • He started a new journey by serving Zenerchi LLC as a Strategic Advisor in March 2020.
  • Presently, Fugal is working as a Chairman of Colliers International.
  • Additionally, he is associated with Axcend as a board member, Strategic Advisor of Xenter, and managing partner of Pomaika’l Partners.

Brandon Fugal is a successful entrepreneur and a sound real estate developer. He was the co-founder of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors before it merged with the firm Colliers International. It is the top mercantile real estate corporation in the Intermountain West area of the USA.

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The firm offers services like capital markets, consultancy, appraisal, leaseholder representation, etc. His guidance made the company as world’s top owner for 14 years, with 30 locations spread in 11 states. Additionally, Brandon Fugal is the owner of Aero Dynamics Jet.

Also, Brandon was voted 2022 CCIM Utah Office Broker of the year. He has evolved as an extraordinary businessman and an expert in the construction business at the international level. Indeed, Brandon Fugal is a popular business tycoon. He has a huge fan following on social media platforms. Celebrities, businessman, VIPs and media figures admire and look upon him.

Brandon is ideal for many aspiring business people. He gets invited to many business-related talks and shows. There he talks about his discipline, punctuality, and hard work that made him reach where he is. His fans admire him for his energetic personality and extraordinary futuristic vision.

Skinwalker Ranch Mystery

Fugal got popular after he agreed to let History Channel film his property, SKINWALKER RANCH, which is worth millions. Reportedly, he purchased the property in 2016 and was hiding it till 2020. As per sources, he bought the property from Robert Bigelow, an Aerospace tycoon, to study the strange phenomenon that was occurring there for 200 years.

The second season of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch revolves around Brandon Fugal’s Skinwalker Ranch and its surrounding area. For years, the area has been known for its secretive activities and is dubbed ”UFO Valley”. In the show, there is a group of scientists who are trying to find out about the area and its paranormal activities.

They dissect all the stories from the last two centuries involving mutations, UFOs, and strange animals. Surprisingly, the scientists discovered an unusual presence in the thermal experiments conducted there. Three seasons of Skinwalker Ranch have already been aired and the viewers are waiting for the fourth season.

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Brandon Fugal


As of 2023, Brandon Fugal’s wealth is estimated to be around $500 million. His entrepreneurial ventures and real estate properties have amassed him a huge sum of money. Definitely, Fugal might be earning a hefty amount from serving the Utah-based real estate firm as a Chairman.

Also, he has nabbed many high profile clients and companies like The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Novell Inc., Workers Compensation Fund, and Charles Schab & Co.


As per reports, Brandon Fugal’s first wife was Lacey Anna Hadfield. Although they got divorced years after wedding, they are in touch with each other. The couple had four children together. The oldest son same is Hunter, who is 22 years old. Two daughters are named Chase and Ireland, who are 17 and 16 years old, respectively. The identity of their fourth child is not disclosed.

Brandon is married to Kristine Mccarthy, who studied at Utah University, United States of America.

Brandon Fugal
Brandon Fugal with his wife


Q1. Who is Brandon Fugal?

Ans. Brandon is a well-known business person and a real estate developer.

Q2. What is Brandon Fugal Net Worth?

Ans. Brandon Fugal net worth is estimated to be over $500 million dollars.

Q3. What is Brandon Fugal’s age?

Ans. He is 50 years old as of 2023.

Q4. What is Fugal’s highest educational qualification?

Ans. He attained Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Q5. Who is Brandon Fugal’s wife?

Ans. Currently, his wife is Kristen Mccarthy

Q6. How many children does he have?

Ans. He has four children with her ex wife Anna Hadfield.

Q7. What are the names of Brandon’s children?

Ans. Their Son’s name- is Hunter (22 years old), and daughters’ names are Chase (17 years old) and Ireland (16 years old).


There are some people who inspire others to excel and make a mark in life. Undoubtedly, Brandon Fugal is one of them. Though he is a rich business tycoon, he is also philanthropic. He is associated with the services of needy people. His real estate developments, ventures, and investments have given him a huge net worth and a lot of fame.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this information about an incredible business personality. Keep visiting for further updates!!


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