5 Best Spanish TV Series to Watch with Your Friends

Looking for the best Spanish television series to watch with your friends? You’ve come to the right place since we’ve put together a selection of the best Spanish TV shows with engaging storylines and fascinating characters that will make the entire series enjoyable for you. You’ll keep returning for more after you become engrossed in the story and become emotionally invested in the characters.

Whether you want to discover more about the hype, want to sharpen up your Spanish skills, or have already seen one of these episodes and are looking for more of the same content, here are the best Spanish TV series that you can watch on many streaming platforms and even in Dish Latino TV packages. Take a look now!

  1. Merli: Sapere Aude

Merli: Sapere Aude is a Spanish drama television series produced by Hector Lozano. The series is a continuation and spinoff of the Merli series. It centers on Pol Rubio, who enrolls in college to follow the path of his hero professor from high school, Merli.

The show uses philosophy as an underlying theme to encourage young people to begin thinking critically about their way of life and to develop more complex knowledge of who they are. The characters indulge in their ambitions to learn more about themselves while staying humble and polite.

  1. Holy Family (Sagrada Familia)

The thriller-drama series Holy Family focuses on a mother who lives in Madrid with her teenage daughters and has a complicated family background. Gloria tries to normalize relations and open a new chapter of her life as her history finally catches up with the present. The show explores her efforts to do so.

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The series’ cast also features Pol Hermoso as Felipe, Alba Flores, Carla Campra, and Ella Kweku. Gloria is portrayed by Najwa Nimri, Natalia by Laura Laprida, Educadora by Gemma Sole, Padre Parking by Jose Emilio Vera, and Ginecologa Marta Cobos by Patricia Garo. Plus, it features eight episodes with a thirty-five-minute average each.

  1. Locked Up

Locked Up is a Spanish serial drama series produced by Globomedia. The main character of the story is a Spanish woman named Macarena Ferreiro Molina, who steals money after falling in love with her boss. She is detained at the Cruz del Sur Prison as a preventative measure after being charged with four tax offenses and has a high bail amount set.

Macarena realizes in prison that she must change, grow, and transform in order to avoid the anticipated seven-year term she would most certainly receive if found guilty. Her family outside looks for a large sum of money to pay the bail.

  1. Sky Rojo

The storyline of Sky Rojo concentrates on three prostitutes who manage to escape their boss. They encounter many challenges and dangers along the way, but they also make an effort to live each day as if it were their last and come to understand the value of friendship.

The story is set in Madrid and Tenerife, so on top of the fascinating story, you’ll get to take in the stunning scenery and colors.

  1. La Casa de Las Flores

The House of Flowers is a comedy-drama television series directed by Manolo Caro, Alberto Belli, Santiago Limon, and Yibran Asuad. The Hispanic family at the center of the story owns a flower store. Everything is perfect for Virginia de la Mora. She has a devoted husband, three grown children, and a well-known and prosperous flower store in Mexico City’s most wealthy district that she inherited from her mother.

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The floral shop will shortly mark 50 years in business. The family’s dark secrets then start to surface as a woman hangs herself inside the flower shop in the middle of her husband’s glorious birthday party, leaving a letter for Virginia. The family is now struggling to stay together as their respective worlds start to crumble.

Final Thoughts

Watching television has become a significant part of our lives, and we all like immersing ourselves in intriguing dramas and thrilling stories. Spanish shows offer a platform where there are many thematic alternatives and options for Latino presence due to the variety of the content. Hispanics are featured in the widest range of topic content on Spanish-language television, from news and novelas to sitcoms and drama. So watch these movies with your friends and be ready for some remarkable movie-watching experiences.


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