Who Was Arlana Janell? Why Did She Commit Suicide?

Arlana Janell, a 19 year old agriculture student of Southern University, committed suicide and penned a lengthy Instagram post as a suicide note. It was an unexpected loss of the Southern University family as their cheerleader Arlana passed away on May 4, 2022.

Who was Arlana Janell? What was her age when she died? Why did she commit suicide in the first place? Did she leave any suicide notes? Did she blame anyone for her suicide? We have answers to all your queries. So keep reading and stay with us till the end of this article.

Who was Arlana Janell? Let’s know about her parents and early life.

Arlana Miller Janell was born in Balton Rouge, Louisiana on December 12, 2002. Her parents were Pastor Arthur Miller, Jr. and Janice Tappin Miller. She was their only daughter. Also, she had a big brother named Raylon Miller.

At three years of age, she attended Head Start. She was an honor student in Oak Hill Elementary School till 2nd grade. After that, she attended Delta Magnet School till 6th grade. In 7th grade, she was an honor student at Morehouse Magnet, where she attended Morehouse Parish Gifted and Talented Program in Bastrop, LA.

Arlana was fond of riding horses and four-wheelers. She made wigs and loved to cheer. In 2016, she moved to Texas with her mother and attended A.W. Brown. Later, she enrolled in DeSoto Early College and joined their cheer squad. After graduating from DeSoto Early College on May 26, 2021, she attended Southern University A and M in the fall of 2021.

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Arlana Janell suicide
Arlana Janell suicide

She and her mom joined Community Missionary Baptist on August 22, 2016, where she served youth choir and attended Sunday school and bible class. New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Bastrop baptized Arlana at a young age.

The skilled cheerleader was majoring in Agriculture, Family, and Consumer Sciences. She was looking to become a psychiatrist. The University awarded her the David Scott scholarship.

Arlana Janell suicide

”She walked in the Mississippi river,”, Janice, Arlana’s mom, painfully explains. Captain Keith Kibby, who found her body, told Arlana’s mother that they might have saved her daughter if they had arrived 2-3 minutes earlier.

Why did she commit suicide?

On May 5, 2022, viewers saw an Instagram post written by Arlana. She stated that she had given up the fight. According to the note, she was not okay for a while and was dealing with mental health issues.

The causes of her mental depression that probably led to suicide, evident from the post, seemed to be Covid 19, tearing off her acl, and failing in her classes. She also mentioned her lagging behind in classes to her mother. Arlana stated that she tried to write a suicide note and attempted suicide many times before, and finally, she walked into the river.

Although, she mentioned that everyone facing mental health issues should discuss it openly. But, because she has been facing this for a long, maybe since her teens, and now when she realizes the importance of opening up about it, it is too late. Also, Arlana wrote that she is not that strong anymore and wants to give up.

In her note, she wrote that she is thankful to everyone who came into her life. The cheerleader apologizes to her family, friends, and well-wishers for her decision. Very respectfully, she stated that nobody should take the guilt for her action.

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She seemed to have a great bond with her mom. In her note, she conveyed to her mother that she is at rest and at peace now. Also, she expressed her gratitude to her mom. Sadly, Arlana Miller wrote that she must have let down many people and wants peace now.

Arlana Janell with her mom

Though the exact cause of her death is not confirmed. The police officials found her dead body in the Mississippi river. She appears to have committed suicide, according to her post on social media. The cause of suicide was probably the mental health that she mentioned in her post. One of her relatives also confirmed Arlana’s state of mind. Arlana Janell tried hard to overcome the tough time but sadly gave up her life.

Social media response to Arlana Janell’s death

After this tragic news, social media was flooded with many comments and views on it. Some sent emotional notes to Arlana’s family and friends. Others were talking about the Suicidal cases that are rising. One person mentioned that the support should not be superficial. One must be completely there with someone who needs assistance.

Arlana was a deserving and bright student. She acquired a lot of scholarships and recognition in her school and college life. Knowing all this, many people on social media started debating the cause of her death.

Arlana’s college fraternity were deeply saddened at the untimely loss of their member. They sent condolences to the family and friends.

The Director of Athletics of the University also reassured the student community that their counselors are always available. If anyone is facing a tough time, the counseling centers are there to help.

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Arlana Janell

Frequently asked questions

1. Who was Arlana Jannel? 

Arlana Miller Jannel was a freshman cheerleader persuing a major in Agriculture at Southern University A & M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

2. What was the cause of her death? 

According to her Instagram note, she committed suicide.

3. What was her age at the time of death? 

She was 19 years old.

4. Why did she commit suicide? 

Her social media post said she was battling mental health issues.

6. How did she commit suicide? 

The officials found her body in the river. So, she probably drowned to take her life.

Wrapping up

Arlana Miller Janell was an enthusiastic and talented person. Her death was a big blow to the Southern University community. The members of the University paid tribute to their students and cheerleader. Though, the major setback is always for the family and close friends.

As the demise of Arlana Janell became public, netizens were talking about the rising cases of suicide. It is a big concern and should be taken seriously. Suicide cases have increased after the pandemic, according to the W.H.O. This is because of the isolation the pandemic brought along with. There is a great need for a support system for people, especially the young generation, who need assistance.

So, today we provided you with all the details on Arlana Janell and her demise. For more such updates and the latest news, keep visiting our website!

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