How Tall is Bad Bunny? Bad Bunny Height, Weight, Bio, Net Worth, Family and More

Bad Bunny is a widely popular Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter. His full name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio. The fans know him for his electric fashion sense and slurred vocal style. Music lovers are curious about Bad Bunny height, weight, career, biography, net worth, and other details. So, how tall is Bad Bunny? Here we are to update you on everything you want to know about your favorite musician. 

Who is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny aka Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio is Puerto Rican rapper and singer. His style of music is mainly Latin trap and Reggaeton. The rapper got heights in 2016 with his song “Diles,” Following which he got a deal with “Hear This Music.” Then, in the next few years, he got collaborations with Farruko, Karol G, J Balvin, Ozuna, and more. Subsequently, he got recognition with songs like “Soy Peor,” “I Like It,” and “Mia.”

In December 2018, Rimas Entertainment released his debut album, X100 Pre. It reached number 11 on the US Billboard 200. Then his collaborative album Oasis was released with J Balvin, which was at number 9 on US Billboard 200.

Bad Bunny’s following albums were YHLQMDLG and Las que no iban a salir that peaked number 2 and number 7 on the chart, respectively.

Further, the rapper got a Grammy nomination for his first Spanish album named Un Verano Sin Ti. Later, his fourth album El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, became the first all Spanish language album that got first position US Billboard 200.

He helped Spanish language music reach the mainstream in world wide music industry.

Bad Bunny height and weight

28 years old Bad Bunny is a hot-looking and charming personality. So, how tall is Bad Bunny? His fans on social media are curious and searching on the internet. Bad Bunny’s height is 5 feet 11 inches, or 180 cm and weight is around 78 kg.

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His eye color is dark brown. The musician has a great physique with measurements of 41 inches chest, 34 inches waist, and 15 inches biceps.

Bad Bunny height
Bad Bunny height : 5′ 11″

Early life, parents, siblings, and childhood

Born on March 10, 1994, in the Almirante Sur Barrio of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio had a middle-class background. His father named Tito Martinez was a truck driver, and his mother, Lysaurie Ocasio,  was a school teacher. Also, Bad Bunny has two brothers, Bernie and Bysael, who are younger than him.

He was a family-orientated person as a child. Bad Bunny was part of the church choir until age 13. Later, he developed an interest in artists like Daddy Yankee and Hector Lavoe.

Interestingly, his name “Bad Bunny” originated when he was forced to wear a Bunny costume on stage and was grumpy about it.

In his school life, he composed freestyle raps and had a good reputation. Later, he studied audiovisual communication at the University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo.


Bad Bunny started his singing career by posting his songs on SoundCloud in 2014. DJ Luian, a Puerto music producer, discovered his song “Diles” in 2016 and signed him to the label Hear This Music. Suddenly he became popular with “Soy peor“. Subsequently, he released more singles in 2017, and the most famous was “Sensualidad” in collaboration with J Balvin.

Bad Bunny collaborated on “I Like It” with Cardi B and J Balvin. The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard top 100 and reached American audiences. Then he peaked at number five on Billboard with his work with Drake on the song “Mia.”

With his reaching heights and increasing popularity, Bad Bunny got his first album, X 100 Pre, released. The album included various genres like hip-hop, pop-punk, dembow, and electro. After that, he released a song in November 2018 with Jenifer Lopez.

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The rapper released the album Oasis in collaboration with Balvin in 2019, which was a fusion of Latin American, African, Spanish, etc. Bad Bunny performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in February 2020.

His album YHLQMDLG, which had party songs, was a huge commercial success. This made his entry to his first Grammy Award. In 2020, Bad Bunny released his third album El Ultimo tour del Mundo which got first position on the Billboard 100 in the Spanish language. Further, Un verano sin ti, also marked success at the international level.

Awards and recognition

In 2020, he was one of the top 100 influential people by Times Magazine. Subsequently, the musician became Spotify’s most streamed actor of the year in the Non-English language in the year 2020 and 2021. Further, in 2022, he became Spotify’s most-streamed actor in any language.

The singer also made a guest appearance in the WWE wrestling promotion in 2021. He made his mark at WWE 24/7 Championship. Also, he won a match at the WrestleMania, a flagship event.

Besides his singing career, we can see Bad Bunny on the small and big screens. He did recurring roles on Narcos: Mexico and also in Bullet Train, which was a 2022 action comedy film.

Bad Bunny’s net worth

The musician is one of the pioneers of Latin Trap music. However, he went from Bagboy to a millionaire through his incredible talent. More so, he has made his career in music and has an estimated net worth of $18 million. He also has partial ownership of a Puerto Rican basketball team. Also, he owns a Miami restaurant, Gekko, a converted 53-foot trailer truck, and a Buggati Chiron W16 engine car.

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Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron owned by Bad Bunny

The singer earns $250,000 for each WWE performance. His March 2020 hit ”Yo Perreo Sola” was his ninth number one on Billboard 100 in two years. Besides that, from his summer 2022 concerts, he earned $120 million dollars.

Through Bad Bunny’s 2022 world tour, he earned $235.5 million, and it became the highest-grossing tour by a Latin artist. However, he has earned more than $8 million through his Spotify streams and an additional $3 million from YouTube.

Bad Bunny relationship

Bad Bunny was in a relationship with Cazzu, Argentine beauty. They shared a photo of the couple kissing on the stage on Instagram in 2019, seemingly confirming their relationship. But that relationship was probably short-lived.

Also, he sparked rumors with Spanish singer Rosalia in 2019.

The star is reportedly dating Gabriela Berlingeri, a model, jewelry designer, and singer. He met Gabriela randomly in 2017. Though, Bad Bunny recently hinted that the couple is not together and said that they were ”close, best friends,”, so his relationship status is not confirmed.

Interestingly, once Bad Bunny mentioned that his sexuality is fluid and he might date a man in some years. So the vibrant personality is a complete mystery.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rico rapper and musician.

2. What is his real name?

His real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio.

3. What is the Bad Bunny’s age?

He is 28 years old.

4. What is Bad Bunny height?

The rapper is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

5. What is his net worth?

Over $18 million (estimated).

6. Is Bad Bunny in a relationship?

His relationship status is a mystery. But the singer is linked with Gabriela Berlingeri.


Bad Bunny, a renowned musician, singer, and rapper, is popular among his fans for his electric fashion and vocal style. At the age of 29 years, he peaked in his career with his talent and skill.

We have given you a tour of Bad Bunny’s height, weight, and personal and professional details. For more such updates, stay tuned on our website!


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